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16 Best Games to Take on Vacation for Families and Couples

We take numerous trips throughout the year, and on at least one occasion, we pack up the entire family and head to the beach. We find that having a variety of games helps to keep us from getting bored during long car rides and on rainy days.

The best games to take on vacation are Beat That, Party Charades, Goat Lords, and Hive. If you’re looking for some great games for couples, try Convo and Chili, 5 Second Rule, or Talk, Flirt, Dare. All three of these games are fun and flirty.

Playing a good card or board game during your vacation is fun and an opportunity to bond with family. It is the perfect kind of entertainment you can do without relying on any screens. You can play them at the airport or while relaxing near the pool.

Picture of family playing games on vacation,

So, here are the best games to take on vacation with you and have some competitive fun time no matter where you are.

The best games to take on vacation-Family Fun

Our family loves playing games together and sometimes it’s a challenge finding one that is simple enough for the young kids and can keep the attention of the older kids. In our early years of family vacations, game night primarily consisted of UNO but over the years we introduced new games. Here are some of our favorites:

1.    Beat That!

It is a fun family game that you can play with your kids. As many as eight players can have fun with it, and there are 160 challenges. Have you ever enjoyed throwing paper balls into a bin from across the room?

Well, this game is all about that feeling. You test your skills with different solo challenges. There are battle royals, duels, and buddy-ups. If you are looking for fast and furious fun, this is it.

2.    Party Charades

Here is another game that allows you to involve your kids. One hundred cards will provide you with up to 500 charades, including minions and Game of Thrones.

You will also find Fast and Furious charades in this pack and many others. So, you don’t have to rack your brain and waste time thinking about various charades during your vacations; you can get straight to the action.

3.    The Twinkling Lights

Calrk Griswold determines to hang 25,000 lights for Christmas, but tangles in the wires, and those pesky squirrels are out to ruin the day. You can lay tiles to create different colors and start scoring.

But you will have to spot the patterns in the twisted strings, which will make things tough for you. 2 to 4 players can play this game, and you can involve your 8-year-old and above in this funny thriller.

4.    3Up 3Down

This fun card game is for kids, teens, and adults, and anywhere from 2 to 6 players can play it. The game is available in different colored cards. It is a quick discard game that has a stunning finish.

You will only have to give it three minutes to learn and start playing it. The gameplay is 10 minutes long, and if you have additional players, you can add another deck.

5.    Train of Thoughts

This card game is a good choice for your next family vacation and is suitable for everyone over five years old. This game has interesting questions and some real connections.

You will have to answer exciting questions and perform various fun challenges in this easy but fun game.

There are 110 cards with questions and 20 wild cards, along with 20 action cards. Each card has different colors, and you have to complete the colors and make a train of thoughts.

The Best Games You Can Play When Traveling

There is no better way to pass time when traveling than playing games. Here are few fun games you can take on your next trip and enjoy on the road:

1.    Goat Lords

This game is all about thievery, bombs, magic, and primarily goats! You can expect high drama and uncontrollable lighter in this game. If you’re looking for a hilarious card game, this is your jackpot.

You have to give birth by tracing the identical pairs. And you have to duel for the top stack of goats. 2 to 6 players can play this game, and it is suitable for everyone over six years of age.

A picture of "goat lords" game

2.    The Genius Square

In this puzzle game, you have to roll the dice and race your opponent to fill the grid with the help of different shapes. This game promotes your problem-solving capabilities.

It is suitable for kids and adults. There are more than 60,000 probabilities. There are two grids and seven dice plus two sets of 7 blockers and two sets of 9 colors shapes. The game is easy to learn and play.

3.    Catch Phrase Game

There are 5000 words and phrases in this game and a timer that will keep track and start ringing when a team is out of time. Each team’s scores and words are spread on the small screen. The game comes with straightforward instructions on how to play. , It’s all about guessing words and phrases.

4.    Masterminds – Codemaker vs. Codebreaker

This is a fast-going strategy game, and players will take turns by setting secret codes and solving those codes. There are more than 2000 combinations.

Each time you play this game, it will be different. It uses Steam and Stem principles, including logic and deductive reasoning. It is suitable for two players over 7.

5.    Farkle

This game is all about risk-taking and dice rolling. You only have to roll the dice in hopes of scoring in better combinations than your opponent.

You can be safe and take your points or keep rolling for the risk of losing them all in this game. More people can play this game, but it works best when only two players play it.

The Best Two-Person Games You Can Take On Vacation

Not everyone is ready or willing to play games all the time, so, It’s handy to have a few games that two players can play.

1.    Hive

In this game, you have to surround your opponent’s queen bee with grasshoppers and soldier ants while trying to save your own. Each player has 11 tiles they won’t work with, and there are five different insects.

Each insect has a unique way of moving on the tiles. This game is very much like chess but with more infectious fun.

2.    GIGAMIC Quoridor Strategy Game (GCQO)

Gigaminc is an abstract strategy game for two persons made with high-quality wooden pieces. The rules are straightforward to learn, and its average playing time is around 15 minutes.

Your goal here is to place a sphere of the color you have chosen right on top of the pyramid. With each turn, you have to decide where to place the sphere.

You can also build quarts to reclaim your spheres if you have extra ones. You will place the last one and win the game.

3.    Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

This fast-paced game will make you laugh out loud. It is suitable for all ages, and its playtime is 10 to 15 minutes. So, you will only need a minute to learn it and start playing.

You need to keep these five words in your mind, and when you match the spoken word and a card, race with your opponent to put your hand in that card pile in the center.

The last player to do it will have to take all the cards. Take them all. But it’s not going to be easy.

The Best Travel Games for Couples and Adults

There are times you want to get away with your significant other for a romantic weekend without the kids. Bringing a game along can add some spice. Check out these games for couples that are sure to keep things interesting.

1.    Convo and Chill

Convo and Chill is an intense conversation card for traveling. You can use it on your date nights and car rides. Play it at your dinner time or before bedtime.

You can find out which part of your relationship is strong and which clothes your partner likes to burn. This game can take over an hour, and there are 99 questions.

2.    5 Second Rule

This game has adult humor, and some categories have adult humor. You will have to think fast and name three things in your category before the 5 seconds are over. You never know what you will say. It’s a pretty fun game.

A picture of "5 second rule" game

3.    Talk, Flirt, Dare!

Talk, Flirt, Dare is a romantic game for couples, and it’s a fun way to start conversions. There are flirty games and cool dares. You can deepen your relationship with your partner.

You can choose the level of closeness between you and your partner. Plus, you can heat things by and rekindle the joy in your relationship.

You can test your knowledge of your partner’s likes and dislikes as well as some secret wishes. Then, it’s time to take your relationship to the next level.


These games are pretty fun, and most importantly, they will give you some time away from your television and phones. When we plan our vacation we often choose a hotel that provides outdoor games.

In Destin, our hotel provided cornhole and shuffleboard games. So, enjoy your time with your family the old-fashioned way. Give these games a try, and you will never get bored again.