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About Us – Game Table Review

Picture of our game table review family playing volleyball in the backyard.

Game Table Review is a family website that shares our experience with all sorts of games through blogging, and we intend to create Youtube channels to continue to spread our love and knowledge of all things games.

“I try to provide the most comprehensive information for people who are interested in finding the perfect game for their family or event,” Bil.

Luckily, we are a family website that includes grandparents, children, and grandchildren. Our ages range from 58 years old all the way down to our youngest granddaughter, who is four months old. We don’t expect her to contribute right away.

In between the oldest and youngest, we have three adult children between twenty-five and thirty-five, one teenager, and five grandchildren, from four months old to nine years old.


We began this website to share information and point out the benefits gained from playing table games such as ping pong and pool. We have articles about air hockey, shuffleboard, volleyball, pool, darts, and many others that provide information about the rules and positive aspects of playing games.

Many people aren’t aware of the positives gained from playing games, so we thought this would be an excellent way to spread the word. Besides the benefits, we also provide exciting history and fascinating information about unique games from around the world.

We also share our experience with new products we’ve bought and give our opinion about them. Our mission is to provide you with the best information on the market pertaining to all things in your game room.

We work hard to bring you the most in-depth reviews so you make a buying decision you can be happy with. We hope that our site gives you a little bit more information on how to make your next gaming adventure an enjoyable one.

We made a lot of mistakes early on, and we share our experiences here. The unsuspecting can get taken advantage of by unscrupulous people in the market; some products are so cheap that you can not use them for their intended purpose.

Below is the game table that gets the most use by the adults in our family. It’s not an expensive ping pong table, but it has stood up well for over two years.

Picture of my ping pong room

Our family at Game Table Review shares their experiences with different equipment and games that we find useful and give our best recommendations for products we believe work the best.

For example, we review ping pong paddles, darts, and many other standard products people frequently use. Knowledge is vital to avoid cheap knock-offs.

Where we get our information:

  1. Personal use of products: Many of the products we provide information about have been used or tested firsthand by our editorial staff.
  2. First-hand experience in the paintball world: Our contributors have been to the places or done the things that we write about.
  3. Forum, Reviews, and other Data: For the products that have not been used firsthand, our writers aggregate content to summarize the experience of real users.
  4. We do not take paid product promotions directly from Merchants or have affiliate relationships directly with merchants.  We either buy the product ourselves with our own budget or find information from other people that have used the product after purchasing it on their own.

Below is a picture of one of the dartboards we reviewed. The kids love it, and the magnets are still holding up well after about of year of consistent use.

Picture of a magnetic dartboard.

If you have a product that you’d like reviewed that is not sold on, we would be happy to review it for you if you provide the product to us free of cost with the understanding we will provide an objective review. You can reach us on our contact page for more information.