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Best Air Hockey Pucks – Top 5 Rated For 2022

Air hockey is among the best games you can play at home or in arcades. If playing an air hockey game has always been your hobby, then you would already know that an air hockey puck can make a huge difference, aside from your table and the blower system.  However, what happens if or when you break one or lose all of your air hockey pucks?

We have checked out many puck sets and spent time reviewing the top-selling sets in the market. These air hockey pucks can totally change the way you play your air hockey game, thanks to their improved gliding action and tough design. So, relax as you take a look at these awesome deals on the best air hockey puck that are available.

air hockey pucks

Best Air Hockey Pucks

1. Hathaway Air Hockey Puck and Saddle Set – Best Overall

Hathaway Pro-Series Air Hockey Striker and Puck Set

The review of the best air hockey pucks and saddles starts from a popular brand. The Hathaway Pro-series puck happens to be of the best ergonomically designed air hockey accessories ever manufactured by the leading brand in the air hockey industry. There are lots of market high-end qualities that are only featured in this unit.

It comes with a high-quality ABS material that is exclusively resistant to chipping. This series has 4 strikers and a number of pucks.

The strikers offer more control and a comfortable feel. The weight also indicates better durability. The green felt bottom guarantees fast gliding action on every air hockey tabletop surface.

The dimensions and weight of the accessories enable their ability to perform greatly on arcade-sized tables. They are good for air hockey game enthusiasts who are looking to find pucks that handle intense gameplay properly.

You will enjoy longer gameplay with the Hathway air hockey puck because the ergonomic design of the saddles makes them much more comfortable to hold and use. Owners of air hockey tables also have every reason to check out this puck because it is offered with a limited six-month warranty. Click here to see the best price.

  • Great for arcade-sized table
  • Resistant to chipping
  • Felt covered bottoms
  • Not pricey
  • Suitable for full-sized tables
  • Lightweight pucks
  • Not suitable for small tables

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2. Qtimal Home Standard Pucks – Most Versatile Air Hockey Puck

Qtimal Home Standard Air Hockey Pucks

If you want a more versatile air hockey puck and mallet set with different size options, Qtimal delivers this set. Qtimal is popular for its accessories.

They have something to offer for everybody, whether to get the right air hockey pucks or just to make significant upgrades to your hockey tables.

Qtimal is a great air hockey puck for anyone on a tight budget. The covered mallets’ bottom makes it a lot easier for you to smoothly and quickly shoot the air hockey pucks across the table as you prevent chips, scratches, and dings on the surface of the table surface.

The two sizes of pucks that come from Qtimal are 4 pucks each and they weigh 7 grams with 2.5 inches in diameter and 2 big pucks with a diameter of 2.95 inches as well as 20 grams of weight each.

With this, you have many options you can choose from. The big ones are designed for adult air hockey game fans, and the smaller ones are for kids.

The package has the recommended standard sizes for general air hockey games, which are 2.5 inches in height and 3.78 inches in diameter. The high-quality ABS material from which they were made from makes the pucks hard and at the same time, not brittle.

The bottom areas of the pucks are thick and aren’t likely to tear up easily. They won’t easily tear up. The puck has great gliding action which protects your table’s top surface. You can keep all air hockey accessories in the drawstring bag, especially to transport your gear. Click here to see the best price.

  • Not pricey
  • Well-built
  • Comes with accessories
  • Smooth gliding
  • Not for full-sized tables

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3. Brybelly 3 ¼-inch 1 Dozen Air Hockey Pucks – Best Puck With High Density and Thickness

Brybelly One Dozen Large 3 1/4 inch Red Air Hockey Pucks

E-brands offer a dozen packs of Brybelly Red Pucks, and they are available in Standard Red, with 28 grams of weight and size of 3 ¼ inches. Brybelly 3 ¼ -inch air hockey puck is an excellent replacement for your lost or damaged pucks.

These red air hockey pucks are made from virgin and high-quality plastic, and the weight for each of them is around11.7 ounces along with 6.5 by 3.25 by 1.8 inches of dimension. Brybelly, air hockey pm, is recommended for professional air hockey table games.

These pucks aren’t noisy, and you can use them from the game room in your home, in-game centers, and clubs. This puck is a good choice for air hockey game fans.

Practicing all your angular, elevated, and straight shots are easier with this puck, and the sturdy construction reduces the flying-off-the-table risk. Red color gives added visibility to the puck on any tabletop. Click here to see the best price.

  • High-quality plastic material
  • Suitable for small Air Hockey Tables
  • Suitable for Plinko tables
  • Inexpensive
  • Not suitable for full-sized tables
  • Excessive use causes chipping

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4. Dynamo Air Hockey Puck – Great Visibility on High Speed

Dynamo Air Hockey Pucks Set

The Dynamo air hockey puck is a polycarbonate grade plastic with a high-quality and made available in fluorescent green. This makes it clear to you even when you are playing the game at high speed.

The light-medium weight and its 2.5mm diameter makes it easier for the puck to follow any direction of the route to which you hit it.

The Dynamo air hockey puck comes with high sturdiness and tensile strength, which gives it the ability to withstand the various intensities and types of shots that are played in the game.

The smoothly-finished bottom makes it slide with more speed and less friction on the air hockey tabletop. The Dynamo puck is designed with its center of gravity right at them with it’s the middle-located center of gravity, the levitation and directional flow of the Dynamo puck are always parallel to the top of the table. Click here to see the best price.

  • Stable and well-built
  • Great weight
  • good appearance
  • High-quality material
  • Clear visibility
  • A bit expensive
  • May be slow due to its weight

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5. Jollylife Air Hockey Accessories – Most Budget-friendly Air Hockey Puck

jollylife Black Air Hockey Pushers Set of 2 and 4 Red Pucks

Jollylife air hockey pucks are manufactured with high-impact plastic, which makes them tear-resistant and durable.

The air hockey pucks come in sets of four and 2.85 inches in diameter. They are very visible during gaming because of their red color.

Jollylife brand offers so much at a cost that is surprisingly low. You leave “unnecessary things” behind just to make sure the cost is reduced to the lowest possible.

This explains why air hockey pucks do not come with a fancy package, which helps customers to save money.

Jollylife Air Hockey puck comes with 2 black pushers for an air hockey game with a height of 2.4 inches, and diameters of 3.7 inches with the dark green bottoms bottom felt.

The package also consists of 4 red pucks with larger diameters. These pucks are lightweight and have good gliding ability, which makes them glide with relative ease on all kinds of air hockey tables.

However, these accessories may not function at their best when used on the regulation size table as they are specifically designed for home tables to use. Click here to see the best price.

  • Perfect for small tables
  • Not expensive
  • Has pushers
  • No fancy packaging
  • Not suitable for professional-sized table

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Best Air Hockey Pucks – Buyer’s Guide

Air hockey is considered to be one of the best tabletop games. An air hockey game involves two paddles, a puck, and an air-powered table with two players. While air hockey is a simple tabletop game on the surface, it is necessary that the best air hockey puck is used. The puck is the scoring object, and it plays a great role in the air hockey game. Also, the playing surface and the size of the puck matter a great deal.

However, the most important factor that you need to consider when it comes to buying the best air hockey puck is selecting the unit that works perfectly with your certain air hockey table.

Here, you will be learning about the factors you should keep in mind when trying to purchase the best air hockey pucks to replace your lost or broken pucks or just to get extras without breaking your wallet in the process. This way, you won’t need to take an involuntary break from this great game.

Puck Size

Apart from your air hockey table size, the style and size of pucks you are playing with the need to be considered when you are upgrading the accessories. You need to consider what size and style of pucks you want to play with.

It is important to pay close attention to the puck sizes and be sure if the manufacturer indicates the kind of table size that the air hockey pucks are designed for. The wrong puck size can definitely impact your gameplay.

Puck Weight

Air hockey pucks’ weight comes in the range between 6 and 45 grams. The weight of the pucks also depends on how large it is. Just like it is with the size of the pucks, the weight greatly depends on the area of the table. You can’t expect your pucks to glide along with your air hockey table if they are too heavy.

If they are also too light, you will find the pucks flying across the table, which is not only dangerous but also very annoying to chase after. To get the best air hockey pucks that suit your playing needs and that of your table, you need to keep the size of the table in mind and be able to experiment a little.


There are low-quality and cheap pucks that are available in the market at lower prices, but trying to save some bucks may make you sacrifice quality. If you really want air hockey pucks with perfect gliding action, nice weight, and a smooth design, you can expect to sacrifice more bucks for this. However, doing this comes a huge difference in your gameplay in terms of speed and gliding action, especially if you have always played using stock accessories.


Air hockey pucks are available in different shapes. This may be surprising to lots of people. While the circular-shaped pucks are the most common, you can consider other shapes for variation, and it could also add more fun to your gameplay. You can try playing with octagonal or triangular pucks.

They all have the same movement style but with interesting changes in direction, which is bound to add a new dimension to your gameplay.


Some air hockey puck sets have the USAA certification, which means that they have professional-level quality and have also been approved by the United States Air Hockey Association.

For the professional game, the standard colors are Lexan-red, Dynamic-green, and Lexan-Yellow. However, air hockey game enthusiasts that play the game as a hobby can go with any color, but they have different levels of quality. Still, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to dismiss pucks that aren’t USAA certified.


The sliding depends on the level of smoothness of the pucks, which you can check by examining the bottom surface. The standard air puck with good quality will slide easily on the tabletop as you gently push it with your finger.

An air hockey puck with a straight and smooth surface without the feeling of grains is what you should go for. You can as well learn about smoothness based on people’s reviews.


Go for air hockey pucks that are completely free from toxic ingredients and harmful chemicals. While you may not know about this by touching it, you will definitely know the pucks have been treated with chemicals or know that they are recycled plastic by the granular texture, regardless of how light they are.

You can slightly scratch the top surface with your nail. The colors shouldn’t peel as you do this, which indicates that it is scratch-proof. This shows that the coloring isn’t done by painting it after the molding.


The colors of your air hockey pucks do not affect how you play your game, but they are still fun, and they give you a unique experience such as the glow-in-the-dark excitement that comes with a fluorescent puck with a backlight.


Generally, air hockey pucks are created with a different version of plastic known as polycarbonate resin. It is averagely thick by one inch and has a single layer of plastic tape, which is used to differentiate the top from the bottom.

You can also choose Capron material. Its characteristics are similar to polycarbonate, but it has a relatively lesser tensile strength. You may opt for nylon, which is more flexible and relatively lighter.

Your Needs

Over the years, it has been difficult to answer the questions about what the best air hockey pucks are with a definite response, which has affected the creation of a definite model of air hockey pucks. This is because the fans of air hockey games do not have the same needs when it comes to pucks and the size of their paddle, among other criteria.

Also, air hockey gamers have different surfaces used for playing, which makes it difficult for everyone to use the same model. So, while shopping for the best air hockey puck and saddles, you should focus more on getting the ones that suit your personal needs and playing style more.

Customers’ Reviews

Reviews from experienced customers and others that have purchased the product you are hoping to buy can help you know if the product is really worth your time and money.  From their comments, you can learn about the durability or any issue that you may possibly face if you also get the product.

When you check for customers’ reviews online, look out for all the factors highlighted in this buying guide. Reviews will mention flaws in products, so you should stay away from products like that in order to avoid the frustration and disappointment of wasting your money.


How Big Is An Air Hockey Puck?

Air hockey pucks are available in different size ranges. There are small pucks and there are others with medium sizes. Air hockey pucks vary from the range of 1.8 inches to the diameter of 3.5 inches. They can as well weigh up to 1.5 ounces (about 42 grams). Lighter and smaller pucks are usually used for smaller tables while heavier and bigger pucks are for bigger air hockey tables.

How fast does an air hockey puck travel?

There are no kept records for the speed of air hockey pucks by professional leagues. This makes it hard to provide an estimation of what the average speed of a puck would be. However, an Air Hockey Puck can travel at a speed as high as 80 mph, but its average speed still depends on the strength of the player and the conditions of the air hockey table. To know how fast a puck travels on your game, you will have to time your puck. You can do this by measuring the velocity of the puck with this formula; distance/time = average speed.

Must you buy air hockey pucks in bulk?

Whatever your reasons for buying the best air hockey pucks are: whether you are getting them for your arcade, kids, school or yourself, it would be the best idea if you purchased in bulk because at least a puck gets lost or broken in every ten games played.

Not only will buying in bulk spare you from the charges that come with shipping, but you will also avoid having to wait for the delivery which interrupts your business or game. Buying air hockey pucks in bulk is also cheaper and there are some games that require two pucks.

How do you maintain your air hockey pucks?

As already established so far in this beat air hockey pucks buying guide, smooth pucks float better on the table. Unfortunately, playing with vigor usually, result in general wear and tear for pucks.

Be sure to regularly check your pucks for dents, dirt, dust, and other unwanted materials in order to discourage their build-up. You can re-smooth your air hockey pucks if you want, but you shouldn’t expect your game to remain the same. The best thing is to always replace damaged pucks.

What Are Air Hockey Pucks Made From?

The majority of the air hockey pucks available in the market today are made from a plastic material known as Lexan polycarbonate resin. This plastic material is popular for manufacturing air hockey pucks due to its toughness and having properties that are resistant to scratch. Another advantage of Lexan polycarbonate resin is the fact that it is easy to manufacture in several different colors.


The essence of purchasing the best air hockey pucks and paddles is to improve your gameplay, whether you’re looking for a smoother glide or a faster action. So, with the above reviewed best air hockey pucks and paddles that offer the quality type that most air hockey fans want in air hockey pucks, you should find it easier to get the one that works best for your air hockey table.

Best Selling Air Hockey Pucks

Bestseller No. 1
Air Hockey Table Assembly
  • Assembly of 1 customer-supplied air hockey table
  • Product should be in the room where it is to be assembled before provider arrives. Moving product after assembly is not included
Bestseller No. 2
Munchkin Arm & Hammer Puck Baking Soda Cartridge, Lavender Scent
  • Pre filled deodorizing disc with Arm and Hammer lavender scented baking soda
  • Compatible with the STEP (model number 15901) and PAIL (model number 15900) diaper pails (not compatible with the original diaper pail, model number 10600)
Bestseller No. 3
Munchkin Arm and Hammer Nursery Fresheners, Assorted Scents of Lavender or Citrus, Green 5 Count
  • Deodorizing discs filled with odor eliminating Arm and Hammer baking soda
  • Ships assorted in either lavender or citrus scents; Replace Nursery Fresheners every 90 days, or upon losing effectiveness
Bestseller No. 4
Arm & Hammer Odor Busterz Balls, 6 Pack, Orange, 6 Piece
  • 6 PACK: 6 Pack makes it easy to put one in every essential place around the house.
  • LONG LASTING: Eliminates odors for 60 days!
Bestseller No. 5
SRA Soldering Products Rosin Paste Flux #135 In A 2 oz Jar
  • The Ideal Flux For Electrical And Electronic Repairs
  • Contains 2 Ounce In A "Hockey Puck" Jar

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