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Best Beer Pong Table – Top 5 Rated For 2022

I recently learned of the |World Series of Beer Pong and thought this would be the game I needed to learn. Not only is it fun, but the series pays out $65,000 cash plus prizes. So, my first step was to find the best beer pong table.

The best beer pong table is the Red Cup Pong BPT-SISTINE8. This table is foldable for easy storage and regulation size. An official beer pong table is eight-foot-long, two-foot-wide, and 27.5” high. Beer pong games are either 6 cup or 10 cup games.

For those looking for a fun adult game to play at your next or participate in a competition that involves drinking beer, then beer pong is for you. It’s a popular game and a fun team sport for weekend warriors to enjoy.

Picture of a people playing beer pong,

It’s easy to play, very entertaining, and bar leagues are popping up across the country. So it’s time to get serious and buy an official table. While some novice players learn on a standard ping pong table, you need a real beer pong table to enjoy and train for beer pong.

We compared various beer pong tables to find the best product. Check out our comparison and learn why some tables are better than others.

Best Beer Pong Tables

1. Red Cup Pong BPT-SISTINE8 – Best Folding Table For Beer Pong

Folding Beer Pong Table with Bottle Opener

This 8-foot folding beer pong table is designed and made by Red Cup Pong. It comes with a bottle opener for your beers, a ball rack, as well as six pong balls.

The table is designed to be players by a group of two teams. Each team will take turns throwing the ball into the opposing team’s cups. And when the ball enters into a cup, that cup gets taken away.

Then the content in the cup will have to be drunk by the opponent. However, if the two competing teammates hit the cups, then the balls will get rolled back. Next, both will have to re-shoot.

The pong table is portable and measures 8 feet, the standard and regulation dimensions. It’s sectioned into four and therefore foldable into a briefcase-size of 2 x 2 feet. For further ease of transportability, it comes designed with handles for carrying it.

Sold for a little bit over $100, the table is designed to provide great value at a very competitive price. Click here to see the best price.

Key features:

  • Includes balls, a ball rack, and a bottle opener
  • Foldable into a compact 2×2′ size
  • Includes a carrying handle
  • 8-foot standard dimensions
  • Standard regulation dimensions
  • Made from durable aluminum
  • Comes with 6 pong balls
  • High definition table design
  • Easily foldable and transportable
  • Liquid penetration on the table causes image distortion

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2. Red Cup Pong Sports Official Beer Pong Table – Best Water-Resistant Table

Red Cup Pong Portable Beer Pong

Less expensive than the first model, this is another peer pong table from Red Cup Pong. Measuring 8 feet, this Beirut game table also comes with a bottle opener. Unlike the Sistine

Design of the previous model, this is a Sports Official table that is meant for professional use. Also, the pong table comes with a bottle opener for your beers, a ball rack, as well as six pong balls.

It is portable and measures the standard and regulation dimensions of 8 feet. It’s divided into four and therefore foldable into a briefcase-size of 2 x 2 feet.

For further ease of transportability, it comes designed with handles for carrying it. The table has a surface area with dimensions of 8 by 2 feet and weighs just 22 lbs, the same as the Sistine model, thanks to the aluminum construction.

Unlike the other model, which gets distorted when liquid penetrates it, the surface is easy to clean, avoids warping, and also resists spills. The beer pong table can be folded and unfolded in under one minute. Click here to see the best price.

Key features:

  • 8 by 2 feet playing surface
  • High-quality graphic
  • 8 feet regulation dimension
  • Custom bottle opener made of stainless steel
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Warp and spill-resistant surface
  • Can be easily folded and unfolded in a minute
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap model for professional use
  • Not very sturdy or durable

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3. 6′ Beer Pong Table – Best Budget

Portable Beer Pong Table

Another model from Red Cup Pong is a different model entirely. It’s foldable into two, but the overall length when unfolded is 6 feet.

It has a total dimension of 72 inches x 24 inches x 36 inches (in length, width, and height). This is not a standard regulation length, but it’s an excellent design for starters in the game looking for a low-budget beer pong table.

However, this model also comes with a ball rack as well as six ping pong balls. What we don’t like about this table is its weight.

Weighing 24 lbs and considering that it has no integrated wheels, the pong table is relatively heavy. In comparison, it’s about 2 lbs heavier than the Sports Official and Sistine.

Design versions. However, it offers improvements where both previous models are a concern for users; it is more sturdy, stable, and durable. According to the manufacturer, it is resistant to scratch, easy to maintain, and repels liquid. Click here to see the best price.

Key features:

  • 6-foot table
  • Foldable design
  • Includes 6 pong balls
  • Glossy surface for water resistance
  • Foldable into two
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdier than other models from the brand
  • A bit heavy with no wheels
  • Size not regulation standard

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4. Large Beer Pong Table with Bottle Opener – Best Beer Pong Table Designs

Folding Beer Pong Table with Bottle Opener

Yet another model from Red Cup Pong, this is one of the coolest beer pong tables from the brand. The product differs from other models and has a basketball design.

Sold for the same price as the Sistine Design, this model also comes with ping pong balls, a ball rack, and a high-quality bottle opener.

The basketball tailgate pong table comes with a one-year warranty against defects and weighs 23.8 lbs. When unfolded, it is about 30 inches high.

A few users say it is a bit too short and non-extendable. So, it’s not a model for very tall people.

Made from stainless steel and aluminum, this is a professional-grade table with a unique design. It comes in the standard regulation size of 8 feet, and you can fold it to a portable briefcase size of 2 by 2 feet. The product is also equipped with carrying handles. Click here to see the best price.

Key features:

  • Unique basketball design
  • 8 feet size
  • 30 inches high and 23.8 lbs in weight
  • Includes 6 balls, bottle opener, and rack
  • Unique basketball design
  • Ideal for professionals
  • Sturdy and stable in construction
  • Easy to fold and portable
  • The surface doesn’t produce a great bounce
  • May be too short for some

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5. GoPong PRO 8 Foot Premium Beer Pong Table – Best Professional Beer Pong Table

GoPong PRO 8 Foot Premium Beer Pong Table

Inexpensive, heavy-duty construction, standard size, and tall height, this is it if you’re tall, a professional, and want a long-lasting beer pong table.

Measuring 36 inches in height, it is a much better version if you are worried about heights. However, the table isn’t fit for short players because of the height and the unadjustable legs.

Made by GoPong, designed in black, and made from composite and steel materials, this table is solid and heavy-duty.

The base material is made from aluminum, while the frame material is made from metal. The aluminum frame is coated with black powder against rust and for a better appearance.

The surface is made from reinforced MDF that is resistant to beer spillages. However, the manufacturer warns against leaving the table out outdoors, exposed to the elements. Click here to see the best price.

Key features:

  • Black powder-coated frames
  • Reinforced MDF playing surface
  • 36 inches high
  • Made from composites, aluminum, and metal
  • Water and scratch-resistant
  • Powder-coated against rust
  • Foldable and portable
  • Standard dimensions
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Doesn’t come with cups
  • Un-adjustable legs
  • Not for short players

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Buying Guide

How do you choose your beer pong table? The question seems simple, yet you will have to look at specific characteristics more carefully depending on your expectations.

As you can see with the comparison of the best beer pong tables on the market in 2021, there are many different products ranging from the most professional high-end table to the entry-level price table to use for leisure. Between these two ranges, the price can range from around $50 to almost $700.

So before proceeding to the purchase, you will need to define your budget. For this, you can consider two crucial parameters depending on its use, namely the place of use and storage and your player profile.

Picture of a beer pong geme

How to Choose a Beer Pong Table

By comparing the beer pong tables we have in the review, you could see that depending on your profile, the price, the materials, and the size were not the same. However, to get the best model, you have to take notes and check out the characteristics of the table. Some of the most critical criteria to consider during the selection process are listed and analyzed below:

Table length and height

If an actual tournament or game is to be played under competitive conditions in the club, the table must be the correct size. The official regulation prescribes that the table surface must be up to 8 feet in length, 24 inches in width, and 27.5 inches in height.

In other words, a dimension of 2.44 meters by 61 centimeters, and 70 centimeters (L x W x H), is the correct dimension. Models such as the Red Cup Pong Sistine Design, Red Cup Pong Sports Official, and the GoPong PRO 8 Foot Premium Beer Pong Table are therefore up to regulation dimensions.

Table surface material

Different materials are used for beer pong tables. This ranges from chipboard to concrete to synthetic materials. The materials vary depending on the use of the table. If it is a competition table, then it will necessarily be made of wood. But if we are talking about a community table that will remain outside, it could be concrete.

As for individual tables, they could be made of chipboard or synthetic to keep a particular strength but remain light while resisting temperature changes.

The quality of the surface initially has a decisive influence on the flow of the game. Two variants are used as the surface of modern outdoor table tennis tables:

  1. Melamine resin

Panels made of melamine resin are weatherproof and neither swell nor warp. Furthermore, the top layer ensures that no player is blinded when exposed to sunlight. The robust material is also insensitive to rough external influences.

  1. Aluminum composite

A beer pong table made of aluminum composite is also matt, so nobody will get blinded when playing. However, aluminum is a little less weather-resistant and not quite as impact-resistant. But it is light and yet stable.

The two outdoor beer pong tables present themselves as follows in comparison:

Weather resistanceVery highHigh
Maintenance effortAlmost noneA little bit higher

As good as the two different panels are, a club player will find playing on an outdoor table much different. Outdoor tables don’t match the ball action you see on competitive league boards made of fine chipboard, plus if it’s windy, you’ll have another issue to deal with.

Checking out their advantages and disadvantages, we find the melamine resin variants a little more practical for everyday use. It’s very weatherproof, impact-resistant, higher quality, and better suited for ambitious players but is more expensive than aluminum beer pong tables.

If, on the other hand, you simply want to provide variety in the sports club without grand ambitions, you can, of course, also buy an inexpensive outdoor table and have a lot of fun with it.

Foldability and weight

The board represents the playing surface of a beer pong table. On foldable tables, it will be in two to four parts. It folds in the middle when storing the table, but this does not pose a problem when playing.

Not all beer pong tables are foldable, but this option allows easy storage and protects the board.

The table is folded by a mechanism in its center, which allows the two panels to be folded towards each other and thus save space.

Note that you can damage this mechanism if the table is often used or moved.

Depending on the model, the folding system is not necessarily the same: push’n lock or DSI, which can see up to 16 locking points.

If you want to practice by yourself, see if it is possible to fold only one side of the surface.

However, most foldable beer pong tables should be foldable up to 2 x 2 feet compact briefcase-style side.

Without wheels, the weight of the beer pong table can be a challenge. Always pay attention to the weight if you want to buy an outdoor beer pong table. The lightest table in comparison weighed around 22 pounds, while the heaviest model weighed a total of 24 pounds.

Note that the official weight standard is 23 pounds. Heavy outdoor beer pong tables are, of course, always a bit more stable. If they are not moved often, the total weight plays a less important role.

If, on the other hand, the outdoor table is to be used flexibly, the large format and weight make transport to be more difficult. Fortunately, the manufacturers have developed a great trick to ensure a firm stand and easy transport.

The wheels do not replace the four legs but instead provide support in the middle if necessary. To do this, first, fold the outdoor table and lock the legs if they are not automatically folded.

Now unlock the mechanism on the rollers in the middle so that the rotating or swiveling wheels can also roll again. An outdoor beer pong table with wheels can be moved from A to B by one person with ease.

Stability and durability

The thicker the surface, the less risk of warping, and it will last longer than thinner models. The thickness varies with the range of the product, so the less expensive a table will be, the more risk there will be for the tabletop to be “fragile.”

The material of construction also determined the stability and durability. Models with metal frames and legs are very stable on the ground. Meanwhile, the durability is so determined by the surface of the table. Beer spills can penetrate the surface and damage it. So, choose a water-resistant and scratch-resistant table surface.

Also, the place of use can determine durability. There are two categories of beer pong tables: outdoor tables and indoor tables. The former allows outdoor use without immediate risk of deterioration. Temperature changes and bad weather are never suitable for this kind of product. It is therefore advisable to use a tarp or protective cover if left outdoors.

Indoor pong tables are designed in materials that provide better value for money than outdoor tables. We can see its differences in the quality of the rebounds, stability, and weight, which are often much lower. All these differences are reflected in the price. Indoor tables will generally be much cheaper than outdoor tables.

Of course, to prevent deterioration of the indoor tables, it is advisable to fold and store them in a place protected from humidity and heat, which could cause the playing surface to deform.

Pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions such as “suitable for indoor use”; otherwise, sensitive hall floors could be damaged by the table tennis tables.

Anyone who runs a campsite can also increase the attractiveness of their facility with outdoor beer pong tables.

A weatherproof beer pong table does not have to be covered immediately for every raindrop, even if it should not be left in the rain for days.

What are the rules of beer pong?

The rules of the game are simple. To start a game, you have to bring together two teams of one or two players. Next, 10 cups are placed at each end of a long, thin table. These cups should be placed in a pyramid shape, like bowling pins at the end of an aisle.

You have to fill the cups with beer or water to a quarter, then throw a first ping-pong ball in their direction. The goal is to drop it into one of the cups. Once the goal is reached, the glass in which the ball has fallen is removed from the lot, and the content inside is drunk. The team that succeeds in eliminating all the opposing team’s cups is then declared the “winner.”


Can you play beer pong on a 6-foot table?

You can play beer pong on a 6-foot table, and it is a good size for beginners to start with. These types of tables are suitable for nonprofessional, indoor use, and leisure. One advantage of this table size is they are cheaper, but not usually of poor quality. The downside is that they are not the standard sizes approved by the official regulation.

Is a beer pong table 6ft or 8ft?

The most common sizes of beer pong tables are 6 feet and 8 feet. However, the 8 feet tables are considered the standard size for professional or competition games. Note that the top thickness is between 4 and 9 mm for outdoor tables and between 19 and 25 mm for indoor tables. This thickness varies the height of the ball’s bounce; the thicker it is and the higher the bounce will be. If you play indoors, make sure you have room to move around and play smoothly.

How do you waterproof a beer pong table?

If you’ve unfortunately ended up with a table that is not waterproof, you can waterproof it yourself by coating the surface with polyurethane sealer. To protect the table from moisture, you have to coat the undercarriage and the table separately.

How do you make a cheap beer pong table?

You can make a DIY beer pong table by buying an eight by 4-foot plexiglass or plywood, set it on your dining table or a foosball table, and paint the surface into your favorite beer pong themed design. If you don’t want to spend on a beer pong table, the best option is to use your regular ping pong table and make provisions for a bottle opener, cups, and rack.


Getting a beer pong table is an excellent and unique alternative to playing ping pong table tennis. Playing on an official-sized table is more fun and entertaining, and you can practice for competitions.

By investing between $60 to $200, you should be able to buy a complete beer pong kit that includes a table, the balls, and the cups. However, to buy the best beer pong table, ensure you consider the durability and stability, the material of construction, the size, and the weight and foldability.