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5 Best Air Hockey and Pool Table Combos – (With Reviews!)

Some things are just better together: hot cocoa and marshmallows, peanut butter and jelly, air hockey, and pool tables.

Yes, you read that right!

Why not double your indoor entertainment and fun with one table having both these games: billiards (or pool) and air hockey? If you and your family and friends have the competitive streak, host several game nights at your place, or are simply looking to have some fun and relaxation indoors, then a 2-in-1 air hockey and pool table combo is just what you need!

There are several tables offering air hockey and billiards or pool. Some are very basic, but others have advanced features like digital scoreboards, multiple games, etc. Some do not have the air hockey version but only feature simple push or slide hockey.

Picture of people playing pool

That is why we are reviewing some of the best combo tables with pool and air hockey. We have considered some criteria like the table’s size, materials used, ease of set up, airflow (for the air hockey part), and the price.

With these features in mind, here are 5 top air/push hockey and pool table combos for awesome game nights.

Best Air Hockey and Pool Table Combos – Top 5 Picks 2021

1.      Winner – Fat Cat by GLD Flip Game Table (Air Hockey, Billiards, and Table Tennis)

Looking for a Christmas gift the entire family can enjoy? Looking to impress your grandkids and keep them busy for hours when they come over?

How about a multi-game table that saves space and money? That is just what the Fat Cat By GLD’s 3-in-1 game table is all about! It features smooth and sturdy surfaces for three popular games: pool, air hockey, and table tennis.

(Please note that Fat Cat by GLD also makes this in a 2-in-1 combo of air hockey and billiards. It measures 80″ L x 44″ W x 32″ H, making it much bigger than this table). This is also one of the best full-size pool tables that convert to air hockey.

You will find many game tables on the market that promise you ‘air’ hockey and billiards or pool combo. However, many of these are not air-powered, and that makes a huge difference. But not the Fat Cat! This table gives you the authentic ‘air-powered hockey experience’ to up your entertainment factor.

Fat Cat 3-in-1 flip table offers you three smooth surfaces for the three games. It also features storage pockets to keep all three games’ accessories (cue sticks, pushers, and pucks, set of billiard balls, a resin triangle, tennis paddles, etc.).

Simply change from pool to air hockey (don’t forget to remove the billiard balls from the slots (of the pool table) unless you want to bend over and pick them from all around the room. Place the balls on the side rack slots neatly. Next, remove the latch locks and flip it over to enjoy another game and never get bored!

With the Fat Cat multi-game table, you can easily keep scores using the manual scorekeeper (chalks provided, too!). You can also play pool by simply placing the table tennis surface on either the pool or the air hockey table.


·       140 lb.

·       Dimensions: 72 x 32 x 32 inches

·       Optimized surfaces for each game

·       Real rubber bumpers for an authentic experience

·       Comes with all accessories you need for each game.

·       45 CFM electric motor for an amazing airpower experience

·       Versatile table frame with storage pockets


·       Great for gifting

·       Sturdy

·       Value for money

·       Convenient and compact to store (can be locked and stored vertically too)


·       A few users experienced assembly issues

How it compares (Price)

Fat Cat’s 3-in-1 table is priced under $1000 and gives you good value for your money. Storing, assembly, and changing from one game to another is relatively easy with this table. It is well-made and sturdy and sure to provide you with many hours of serious entertainment. These factors make it a winner in our books.

2.      Best Budget Buy: Triumph 4-in-1 Rotating Swivel Multigame Table

Want a great game table that does not cost an arm and a leg? Triumph offers you this excellent gaming table having four awesome games –  under $150! You, your family, and friends will have a blast playing: pool, air hockey, Table tennis, or football.

Unlike other tables that advertise themselves as ‘air’ tables but are not, Triumph provides a powerful airflow to make your air hockey experience “more energetic.”

The compact table is also easy to store, and flipping between the games is very easy. The size is also perfect for the younger players.

Note that Triumph also makes a high-end version of this table (which costs about $800). This one is a 3-in-1 table with rotation swiveling and patented airflow features. So, it is also an authentic air hockey table and not push hockey. Check it out here.


·       48” L x 23.75” W x 32” H – compact size

·       Patented central airflow distribution

·       Features beams for additional stability and durability – no more wobbly tables that spoil the fun.

·       Includes accessories needed for all four games.


·       Sturdy – extra reinforcements for durability

·       Great for gifting

·       Value for money


·       Holes are not aligned – which can be a hindrance during assembling.

·       The playable area is 40-inches only. The 8-inches go in the frame.

How it compares

If you want an affordable gaming table this Holiday season, Triumph 4-in-1 table is a great choice. Most users did not have problems while assembling, but a few had issues with the alignment of holes. However, the table is returnable, just in case things do come to that. Triumph’s price is attractive too – in short, it is an excellent table at an affordable cost.

3.      Best Smaller Game Table for Young Kids: 4-in-1 Game Table from Best Choice Products Store

Before you read on, here’s a disclaimer: the air hockey in this one is not genuinely air-powered. The description says it is, but there is no plug, nor is there any airflow system. So, it is just push-hockey.

That does not mean that this table is any less entertaining!

Best Choice 4-in-1 game table is small and compact – ideal for younger kids. It gives you four amazing games: foosball, air hockey, pool, and table tennis – so your kids will always have something to play.

Another significant aspect of this table is that it is designed to meet the US-Federal safety standards set down by ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) and the CPSIA (The Consumer Product Safety Information Act). So, you can rest assured it is sturdy and safe.

Best Choice 4-in-1 game table is also easy to store, and your kids can easily switch between games without needing an adult for help. Also, the 7.5-inch storage will make it convenient to keep all gaming accessories neatly in one place.


·       Compact – 32-inch play space (31 (L) x 29.5 (W) x 14 (H) inches)

·       Lightweight wood and MDF construction

·       Meets safety standards


·       Great for gifting

·       Small and compact – easy to lift, store, and change


·       A few durability issues were reported.

How it compares

This small-sized, multi-game table from Best Choice is sure to up the indoor entertainment factor for your young ones. With it, you get plenty of variety; snow days and holidays will be so much better with the Best Choice Products 4-in-1 table! It is easy to lift and store, and changing the tables between games is easy too. The price is very attractive and makes an affordable gift for the upcoming holiday season.

4.  Best Full-Size Pool Table That Converts to Hockey: MD Sports Multi-Game Combination Table Set

Many multi-game tables are too small, which can make it difficult for the entire family to enjoy. MD Sports has overcome this issue with the sturdy family-sized multi-game table. Please note that the hockey here is not air-powered – just push hockey. The brand makes two other game tables – 5-in-1 and 12-in-1 comb. The MD 12-in-1 combo table has air-powered hockey.

You get three other fun games: foosball, table tennis, and pool, and all game accessories are included as well.

MD game table is very well-made and features sturdy materials. The engineered wooden frame is pretty easy to assemble, and each game tabletop stacks in place so you can lock it in for convenient storage.


·       4” L x 24.5” W x 29.5” H The foosball table is slightly higher.

·       Features a stack-up design for easy storage

·       High-quality construction with sturdy steel rods and superior wood, PVC, MDF, ABS, and metal.

·       Includes all four game accessories

·       Comes with a manual scorer


·       Great after-sales service.

·       Perfect for parties, holidays, and family game nights.

·       Great for gifting


·       Inadequate assembling instructions. Many users reported difficulty while assembling it. Some even needed to drill holes in the sides.

How it compares

The hockey on this table isn’t air hockey. So, in case you want air hockey, try their 12-in-1 game table. The price is reasonably decent, and because you and your party guests/kids will get hours of fun out of it, it is totally worth it. On the downside, a few users have reported durability and assembly-related issues, but most can work around them.

5.      Best 10-in-1-Game Table – Sunnydaze 10 Combination Multi Game Table 

Get ten awesome games in one fantastic table with the Sunnydaze game table. It is like having your own game arcade at home! Note that it is push hockey and not air hockey.


·       10 awesome games including chess, backgammon, foosball, hockey, pool, table tennis, cards, checkers, bowling, and shuffleboard. All accessories included too.

·       Game tables stack one on top of the other to save space.

·       Dimensions: 22.5 x 27.5 x 40 inches – billiard table. The foosball table is slightly longer and wider.

·       Score tracker

·       Feet leveling for fair game


·       Easy to assemble

·       Complete value for money


·       Some users complained of missing parts.

How it compares

This is an excellent table for game enthusiasts. It does not fold, but you can stack the different game table tops on each other to save space. Also, it is not air hockey but slide/push hockey. Sunnydaze table is slightly small for adult players but is perfect for teenagers and younger kids. Our verdict: it will make an excellent gift for your kids/grandkids for less than $250.

Picture of an air hockey and pool table combo

How to Choose the Best Combo Tables (Pool to Air Hockey)? Is This Combination Worth the Money?

If you host many game night parties or simply want your kids or grandkids to have safe fun indoors, then a multi-game table is just what you need.

Here are some factors to consider when selecting a combo table:

1.      Size

The number one factor to consider is the table’s size. Smaller tables of about 32-inches are perfect for younger kids. But, for adult gamers, go in for sizes over 50-inches. 72-inch tables are ideal if you want to really impress your guests or are a serious gamer.

You can also base the table’s size on the size available in your game room/basement/ kids’ room or wherever you plan to place the table.

2.      Quality of the table

This is another critical factor. Ensure that the table is made of sturdy wood, ABS, PVC, or MDF materials. Make sure that the table’s frame can withstand heavy-duty usage and will last for a long time. Look for tables with accessories that are sturdy and well-built from high-quality materials.

3.      The variety of games offered

Some multi-game combo tables not only offer air or push hockey with pool but also other games like foosball and table tennis. Some even go as high as ten games that include board games like chess, checkers, backgammon, etc.

Sure, this variety sounds great, but not all adults like playing board games. Such tables may be more suitable for kids. So do take this factor into account before spending money on a multi-game table.

Don’t forget to check if the table comes with all the accessories needed to play the above games: cue sticks, pool balls, table tennis rackets, etc.

4.      Type of conversion mechanism

Also, select your table based on the type of conversion mechanism. The table should be easy to use and easy to change from one game to another. Some tables come with a swivel top mechanism, while others come with a simple replacement mechanism wherein you stack the push hockey game table over the pool/base table.

In general, rotating or swivel tops accommodate just two games, whereas the stacking tops can be multi-game – some as high as ten games.

Is it Difficult to Convert from an Air Hockey Game to a Pool Table?

Ideally, you won’t experience any difficulty changing from air hockey to pool with a high-quality table. In the case of swiveling/rotating table:

1)      Simply remove all the balls from the billiard/pool table’s pockets.

2)      Remove the latches that lock the table in place.

3)      Now, you can rotate/swivel the table to reveal the air hockey surface.

4)      Plug the power cable into a standard outlet.

5)      Enjoy air hockey!

Final Recommendation

A 2-in-1 combo table offering air hockey and pool is just the thing you need to keep your guests entertained for hours. The 2-in-1 feature saves space and money since you do not have to invest in separate tables for each game. Many tables even come with more than two games.

This high-quality air hockey and pool table combo is sturdy, well-built, and comes with all the accessories you need for playing both games. It also has storage so you can conveniently stack the game accessories. Moreover, it offers real air-powered hockey and not just slide or push hockey.

Based on these factors, we recommend the Fat Cat by GLD 2-in-1 air hockey and pool table. The Company also makes this combo table in different sizes with a variety of game offerings.

Below is a YouTube video review of a 3-1 game table combo.


Is a 7-foot air hockey table big enough?

Yes, the biggest home air hockey tables are around 7ft wide, making them perfect for large rooms or basements. But they also come with a higher price tag. If you’re working with a smaller budget, there are still plenty of great options out there.

Are air hockey tables worth the money?

Yes, air hockey is a fast-paced game that is perfect for players of all ages making them a great investment for game rooms. In addition, air hockey tables are relatively affordable.