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Best Coffee Table Arcade Games of 2022

If you’re looking for a way to make your next family gathering even more fun, why not consider buying a coffee table arcade game? These games are perfect for players of all ages, and they provide hours of entertainment.

Our constant endeavor is to be your one-stop resource for all your gaming needs. That is why we provide in-depth and honest reviews of various games on the market while also keeping in mind the different requirements gamers have.

In this guide, we will discuss the best coffee and cocktail table arcade games on the market today. You can easily fit these tables in your game room, living room, and even your office waiting room. They are sure to add excitement to your family game night. Here are the topics we’ll cover:

  • The best classic coffee table arcade games
  • Coffee table games vs. Cocktail table arcade games.
  • FAQs

Best Cocktail and Coffee Table Arcade Games – Top Picks

There are plenty of cocktail and coffee table games. Some offer multiple games, and others are set up to play only one. Here are the ones we found to be the best:

Best Budget Cocktail Game Table: Doc and Pies 60 Game Arcade Cocktail Table

If you love playing classic arcade games, then this is the machine for you. Doc and Pies Cocktail game tables feature 60 games, including Pac-man, Ms. Pac-man, Super Pac-man, Pac-man Jr, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Centipede, Millipede, Frogger, Burger time, 1942, 1943, and many more.

It is designed for two players and comes with large buttons and joysticks on both sides. Whether you want to add some entertainment to your man cave or a game table to your bar or restaurant, this is a great choice.

It is priced under $1000 and is sure to provide you excitement and entertainment on your family game nights.


  • Cocktail game table with retro artwork
  • 19-inch LCD screen
  • Weighing 80 lb.
  • Dimensions: 29 x 23 x 32 (H x W x L)
  • 60-arcade games


  • Easy to assemble, easy to use
  • Excellent customer service from Doc and Pies


  • Volume control is tedious

Expert tips

  • To control the volume, you need to unscrew the top and use a screwdriver. Another method for volume control is using the settings through dip switch 4 on the PCB.

How it compares

Thousands of happy users bought the Doc and Pies cocktail table with 60 games during the pandemic and haven’t regretted it. It is a great table to relive some of the memories of our classic arcade games: Pac-Man, Frogger, etc. Your kids and grandkids will enjoy it too.

Best Coffee Table Arcade Game Barrington Foosball Coffee Table 42”

I like this one not only for its game functionality but also for its size. It has the best dimensions for placing it in your living room. It’s not too tall or long.

The Barrington coffee table with the exciting Foosball game is sure to be a great addition to your home office, garage, basement, game room, or living room. If you have grandkids or friends who come over on weekends or holidays, this table is a must-have. If you keep game nights each week, you will keep coming back to the Foosball Coffee Table.

Best Coffee Table Arcade Game Barrington Foosball Coffee Table 42”
Best Coffee Table Arcade Game Barrington Foosball Coffee Table 42”

Barrington’s 42-inch Foosball table also functions as a piece of furniture and entertains, bringing back memories of afternoons spent at arcades in childhood. 

It features a sturdy safety glass that is heat-tempered to withstand any beating it will take when you play foosball. Worry not: the table comes with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty as well.


  • Dimensions after assembling – 42 L x 28 W x 20 H inches
  • Playfield dimensions – 30 ½ x 20 inches
  • Weighs 100 lbs.
  • Chrome-plated steel rods are ½ inch in diameter
  • Hand-painted players are 3/8th inch thick


  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Dual functionality as a coffee table and game table
  • Value for money


  • Has a strong chemical smell.
  • Takes several hours to assemble.

Expert tips

  • Most users were able to assemble the table easily although a few required a cordless drill and an Allen key.
  • Add some tube lights inside the table – this will help gameplay
  • Cover up the table with a cloth or plastic cover when not in use to prevent scratches.

How it compares

This table is an excellent investment if you’re looking to get your children off video games. Foosball is an entertaining and highly popular arcade game, and the Barrington table proves it. For under $400, the Barrington Foosball table is exceptionally well-made. It also has dual functionality and blends well with any decor. Its assembling is slightly tedious, but with help, you should be able to manage it in a short time. 

Best Cocktail Arcade Game: Prime Arcades Cocktail Arcade Machine

You need this baby with 412 arcade games for your lobby, game room, garage, basement, or waiting room. Your friends will keep coming back for more, and you will be on the edge of the seat, pushing the buttons for the winning high scores.

The best part is that you can set up Prime Arcades Cocktail Arcade Machine as a coin-operated machine in your bar or restaurant or office lobby/waiting room, and it just might pay for itself.

Here is a list of some of the 412 great games it has: PacMan, Q-Bert, Donkey Kong, Burger Time, Joust 1 and 2, Frogger, Space Invaders, Galaxian, LadyBug, Guzzler, HanglyMan, Sonic Wings, Tetris, etc. You also have joystick-operated games like Millipede and Centipede.

Prime Arcade is known for its stellar customer service. They call you when your unit is delivered and help you with the setup. They are also prompt with replacements and exchanges if needed.


  • Available in 2 sizes: 412 model has a 19-inch LED and 1033 games comes with a 21.5-inch screen.
  • 2 chrome stools included
  • Thick tempered glass top
  • Dimensions – 34″ L x 25.5″ W x 29″H 
  • Weight 165 lb.
  • Volume control
  • 5-year warranty
  • Arcade-style blue lights all around


  • Looks incredible
  • Sturdy
  • Amazing graphics
  • Proactive communication from the seller


  • Expensive but totally worth it.

Expert Tips

  • LED light switch is under the Player One console. The volume control is inside the unit but you might need a flashlight to locate it.

How it Compares

People in their 40s and 50s who love the old-school arcade-style games will love this beauty. Depending on the game, you can have one or two-player options. The gameplay is exactly like the classics in game arcades. You can also remove or hide games as needed. Switching from one game to another is also easy – simply press down Player One button till you go back to the start screen.

Best Overall Cocktail Game Table: AB Video Arcades 412 Classic Arcade Games Cocktail Table

AB Video Arcades game table costs $500 less than most 412-in-1 cocktail game tables out there. This table also comes with 412 classic arcade games – sure to entertain and excite you and your loved ones on game night. This table really has that 80s vibe that will get your friends and family together. Have fun and a bit of competition with this beauty.


  • 34 x 26 x 31 inches – L x W x H with 22-inch monitor
  • Weighs 150 lb.
  • 2 stools included
  • Has a 3-year warranty on parts
  • Tempered glass 22 inches
  • LED lights around the table can be remote controlled
  • Free to play but can be set up for coin pay as well.


  • Sturdy
  • Comes with volume control – three options – bass, treble, and volume
  • Remote control is very cool – it can change colors, speed, blink, randomize, or stay on/off.
  • Value for money
  • Excellent customer service


  • Screws on the joystick tends to loosen up after a few hours of play.
  • Comes with one joystick only – however, games like Karate Champ need two joysticks.

Expert tips

  • It comes with many decals but the black exterior is cool on its own.

How it compares

AB Video Arcades Cocktail Game table is considered a top-of-the-line table with LED lights and remote control. You won’t regret buying this one. Their customer support is also great, and they are offering this table for almost $500 less than other tables with the same number of games.

Best Commercial Grade Cocktail Table Arcade Games: Creative Arcades 3500 Games in 1

Why settle for 412 games when you can have a choice of 3500 games! This fantastic cocktail game table from the Creative Arcades brand will make you feel like a kid again! With over 3000 games, you and your kids will never be bored.

The table also comes with two bar stools, and they look just like the ones at the local arcade or a pizza parlor. It also features thick tempered glass that can take a beating. Moreover, the arcade table has a plug-n-play operation so that you can get playing right away.


  • 4 x 8-way Sanwa joysticks and trackball included
  • 3500 games
  • Square tempered glass top with 60-degree tilt screen for third side horizontal games
  • Dimensions: 39″L X 22.5″W X 29″H
  • 3-year parts warranty


  • Responsive customer service – they send you a PDF of games list if you want. Exchanges and returns are easy too.
  • Sturdy
  • Excellent controls
  • Easy volume control


  • Instruction manual is not adequate. However, if you need help, the customer reps are more than willing to help.
  • With 3500 games, they should offer to make a list of favorites. Searching gets tedious.

How it compares

This is a complete value for money kind of investment. If you have always enjoyed playing arcade games in your childhood, this is a must-have table. Have the family and friends over for a blast! The table is sturdy, and the customer service is par excellence.

Coffee Table Games Vs. Cocktail Table Games

Coffee table games are more straightforward and do not come with joysticks, trackballs, and LCD screens. Most coffee table games consist of an MDF board and come with games like air hockey, foosball, etc. Cocktail arcade games mimic the games from your retro game arcades of the 80s.

They have lights and sounds like you would hear at your local pizza parlor and game arcades. Cocktail table arcade games are ideal for relieving your childhood memories.

FeaturesCoffee Table Arcade GameCocktail Table Arcade Games
Number of gamesLess – 4 or 5 games. Some have one game only.More – some even have up to 3500 games
PriceUp to $500Starting from $1000
Game typeFoosball, air hockey, pool, ping pong, etcArcade-style games like PacMan, Q-Bert, Donkey Kong, Burger Time, Joust 1 and 2, Frogger, Space Invaders, Galaxian, LadyBug, Guzzler, HanglyMan, Sonic Wings, Tetris, etc
AccessoriesBasic accessories for gamesComes with bar stools, joysticks, etc.
SizeCompactDepends on the price. Compact tables can fit in the living room, game rooms, etc. Some are commercial-size
Ease of assemblyCan be tricky. Needs special tools.Plug-and-play
TabletopMay or may not have tempered glassTempered glass
PurposeDual – functions as a coffee tableOnly used for gaming
Picture of a person playing a coffee table arcade game.

Best Table Arcade Games

One of the most popular coffee table arcade games is “Galaga.” This classic game features excellent graphics and gameplay, and it’s perfect for players who enjoy space-themed games.

“Street Fighter II” is another excellent option, especially if you have older kids or teens in your family. This game is fast-paced and full of action, and it’s sure to get everyone’s adrenaline pumping.

“Asteroids” is another classic game that’s perfect for families. This game is simple to learn but challenging to master, and it’s a great way to bond with your kids as you try to beat each other’s high scores.

I recommend “Pac-Man” or “Donkey Kong for families with younger children.” These games are colorful and easy to learn, but they’re still challenging enough to keep everyone entertained.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing game, try “Centipede.” This classic title is perfect for players who want to unwind and relax their minds while also having a challenge.

Finally, we have “Missile Command.” This game is perfect for those who want to test their reflexes and hand-eye coordination. It’s also a lot of fun for families who enjoy competitive games.

So there you have it! These are our top picks for the best coffee table arcade games for fun-loving families. No matter what type of family you have, there’s an arcade game out there that everyone will enjoy. So get out there and start playing! But don’t forget to get outside as well – there are many fun yard games you can play while basking in the sun and breathing fresh air.

FAQs- Best Coffee Table Arcade Game

What are the dimensions of a cocktail arcade machine?

The dimensions of a cocktail arcade machine depend on the number of games included. For example, the 412-in-1 table is sized 34″L x 25″W x 28″H. Larger tables having over 3000 games have dimensions of 39″L X 22.5″W X 29″H.

How much does an arcade machine cost?

Tabletop models of arcade machines cost around $1500, and commercial-grade cabinet-style machines start from around $10,000 to $30,000.

Which is the best arcade game?

Many top-rated arcade games will enhance the fun on your game night: Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Space Invaders, and Pac-Man are the usual favorites.

How many arcade games are there?

There is a list of 4792 games that qualify as coin-op arcade games.

Conclusion- Best Coffee Table Arcade Game

Arcade game tables can take you back in time. If you enjoyed playing PacMan and Donkey Kong in your childhood, then these tables are a great way to take a trip down memory lane.

If you are looking for a coffee table arcade game, then the simple Barrington Foosball table is a great option. Go for the cocktail arcade game tables from Creative Arcades and Prime Arcade if you have the budget. They are all well-made, and their customer support makes it worth the money. I promise you; you won’t regret your decision.

Do you have a favorite coffee table arcade game that we didn’t mention? Please share it with us in the comments below! And be sure to check out our other blog posts for more great gaming content. Thanks for reading! Until next time, happy gaming!