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Best Tabletop Foosball Games – Top 5 with Buying Guide

We always have a blast on our annual family beach vacation, but it rained for a few days this year. We were all bored and decided to bring some fun games next time around. The most popular request is a tabletop foosball game, so I did some research to see if they are a viable option or not.

The best tabletop foosball games are like playing on an actual, full-size table. They allow you to play anywhere, and they’re small enough not to take up too much space during storage or transportation. These types of tables are designed for children, so don’t expect to get too rough with them.

Are you in the market for a fun game you can take on vacation? We hear you. That’s why we reviewed the five best portable foosball tables that are good in quality and will last you long.

Let’s find out more about them.

Picture of father and son playing foosball.

Best Portable Foosball Tables Reviewed

1.   Rally and Roar Foosball Tabletop Games and Accessories

The Rally and Roar is a portable foosball table that’s great for family weekends. It’s 40 inches in length and is made from solid MDF and plastic. These sturdy materials lend it the rigidity it needs to withstand years of abuse.

Although it’s pretty compact, it provides ample space for two players to play comfortably. The steel rods are a half-inch in diameter and are plated with chrome for maximum durability. Additionally, the rubber grips are non-slip, so you don’t make any mistakes when playing.

However, this is a tabletop foosball table, meaning it can’t stand on its own on the ground. And to add to that, the legs are quite slippery.


  • Highly compact.
  • Great for family vacations.
  • Durable construction.
  • Non-slip rubber handles.
  • Best for 2-player foosball.


  • Needs a table to sit on.
  • Legs are quite slippery.

2.   WIN.MAX Mini Foosball Table

If you want the smallest and most lightweight, compact foosball table, then look no further than this. The WIN.MAX it’s only 20 inches in length. And it weighs a mere 5.5 pounds. So, portability is high with this foosball table.

But it has a lot more going for it than just the design. The WIN.MAX foosball table has been constructed from high-quality materials that do not scratch the surface. This means you can safely place this foosball table on your kitchen counter without worrying about scratches.

And that’s not all. This foosball table uses stainless steel rods that glide smoothly across the table. The rods have non-slip handles made of rubber that ensure your grip does not slip.

However, being a tabletop foosball table, you can place it on the ground. Additionally, the handles are pretty rigid and hurt the hand if played for too long. This is a great model to take on trips with small kids.

  • Pros
  • Extremely compact and lightweight.
  • Do not scratch the surface.
  • Rods glide smoothly.
  • Non-slip rubber handle.
  • Contemporary design.


  • Requires tabletop.
  • Handles may hurt hands.

3.   Portzon Foosball Table, Mini Tabletop

Portzon Foosball Table
Young parents playing ludo game with their kids and having fun at home.

The Portzon is a 27-inch tabletop foosball game that flaunts a contemporary design. It’s incredibly compact and lightweight, weighing just under 10 pounds.

But that’s not where it ends. The table features conveniently-placed ball return slots at either end of the table. And you also get a slide scoring that’s mounted on the sides. With that, the rods are all made of chrome-plated steel that maintains its shine for longer.

However, you may still struggle with assembly. The instructions could be more precise.


  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Includes slide scoring.
  • Durable rods.
  • Highly portable.
  • Convenient ball returns.


  • Instructions on the manual could be clearer.

4.   Hey Play Tabletop Foosball Table

This tabletop foosball table from Hey! Play! is tiny and compact. It only measures 20 inches in length and weighs 4.96 pounds. Despite being so small, it’s meant for up to 4 players, a rarity on a table of this size.

And that’s not all. It comes ready-to-play right out of the package. Meaning there is no assembly required. It comes with two soccer balls, a scorekeeper, and a ball return slot included.

As for the material, the body is made from ABS plastic, and the rods are made from metal. The rods have been chrome-plated to keep the steel underneath safe from rusting.

Being compact, some adults might find it hard to play with. It’s a good option for children and teenagers.


  • Very lightweight.
  • Easy to transport and carry.
  • Protected from rust and damage.
  • Comes with everything included.
  • No assembly is required.


  • It may be too small for adults.

5.   Sport Squad FX40 40-Inch Table Top Foosball Table

If you want a bigger, lighter-weight table, look no further than the Sport Squad FX40. This 40-inch foosball table weighs only 15 lbs., making it ideal for traveling.

The table features a convenient ball return slot and scoring cards at either end of the table. It’s been designed to enhance competitiveness among players.

The Sport Squad FX40 features durable chrome-plated steel with rubber handles. The handles provide a solid grip that doesn’t slip during fast-paced play.

However, the table has no ball inserts at the sides. It can make the game a bit less challenging.


  • Weighs only 15 pounds.
  • Includes scoring card.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Provides a solid grip.
  • Wider playing area.


  • No ball inserts are present on the sides.
Picture of our tabletop foosball game.

Buying Guide


The first thing you need to consider is the size. Foosball table sizes vary significantly from 20 inches to 56 inches and more in length. In most cases, anything above 40 inches would be suitable for adults.


Weight is an important consideration for two reasons. First, it decides how easy the table is to pick up and move. For people with standard tables, this shouldn’t be an issue. But for people with tabletop foosball tables, you’ll want a lightweight product.

Secondly, the weight decides how stable the table is. If you’re fond of playing foosball aggressively, get a heavier table. You don’t want to table sliding around and ruining the game.

Tabletop vs. Standard Foosball Table

There are two kinds of foosball tables tabletop and standard. Standard foosball tables are the ones that have elongated legs. When they’re on the floor, they reach a comfortable playing height. Such foosball tables are great for people who have that kind of space available.

For people who don’t want to compromise on space, tabletop foosball tables are suitable. These tables are set on a counter or another table. They have legs to hold them up, but they are small.

Sidewall Width

The thicker the sidewall, the more abuse the table can take. A sidewall width of at least 1 inch is perfect for most people. Some commercial-grade foosball tables have a wider sidewall of 1.5 inches or wider.


That’s it for our top picks for the five best portable foosball tables! I decided to choose one of the smaller models because we need to conserve space when packing for trips.

Before you buy any table, be sure to confirm the sizing and check the table’s sturdiness. We hope now you know what the best foosball tables are and how to buy them!