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Best Shuffleboard Tables – Top 5 Rated For 2022

My family and I recently took a road trip to Memphis. Of course, we had to visit Graceland. But what stood out about the journey was playing shuffleboard at our hotel, which led me on an adventure researching all things shuffleboard-related- including buying one for my house.

The best shuffleboard tables are the ones that can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike. The perfect table has a smooth surface that pucks can slide across easily, strong legs for stability and safety, and an appealing design.

Instead of going for traditional table games, like ping pong or pool, why don’t you opt for a shuffleboard table? To play doesn’t require strenuous physical activity so it’s a game the whole family can enjoy. It’s a great game to have when you throw a party.

shuffleboard table

However, selecting the best shuffleboard table is a challenge and requires plenty of research. Fortunately for you, we tested and reviewed a lot of the shuffleboard tables that are on the market and compiled this list of the five best shuffleboard tables you can purchase right now. We have also provided a buyer’s guide to assist you in selecting the right shuffleboard table.

Best Shuffleboard Tables

1. Barrington Collection Shuffleboard Table – Trusted Brand

Barrington Collection Shuffleboard Table

Barrington is a popular name in the shuffleboard table industry. Known for the high quality of their products, it’s no surprise the Barrington Collection shuffleboard table is one of the best shuffleboard tables on the market.

There are several reasons why this board deserves to make this list of the best shuffleboard tables. First, the board is made of birch wood which is one of the best materials for producing high-quality shuffleboard tables.

The high-quality material not only makes it durable but also ensures it is a head-turner no matter the space you put it in. It features an elegant, classy design that makes it an excellent option.

The 254.56 pounds of weight is relatively light, at least when compared with other shuffleboard tables in this category. Measuring 9 feet in length, it is one of the smaller shuffleboard tables you will find.

This size means that you can fit it into most rooms with space to spare. The size also means that it is a tournament-sized shuffleboard table. You can have your friends over to play full teams against each other.

Scores are easy to see and keep track of on this shuffleboard table. The table comes with all the accessories you need to play right out of the packaging. The model we tested came as a pre-assembled table.

The package contains eight pucks, essential shuffleboard powder, and abacuses for keeping track of your scores. Shuffleboard requires a level surface for fair and enjoyable play. Therefore, we were quite delighted to find out that the table has adjustable brackets on the legs. These brackets are meant to provide leveling for the shuffleboard table.

The legs are made of faux cement; nevertheless, they are sturdy and built to withstand the weight of any player leaning on the table.

The surface coating will last through the rigors of frequent use. The UV coating ensures that it lasts for an extended period. Furthermore, it is scratch-resistant and will look good for a long time. Click here to see the best price.

  • Good looking design
  • Nice customer support
  • UV coating provides durability
  • The pucks are thinly coated and start to peel over time

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2. Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table – Best Value for Money

Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table

The shuffleboard table from Playcraft is one of the best shuffleboard tables you can get if your budget is relatively expansive.

Just as the first product on this list, it comes with the necessary accessories you require to play right out of the packaging.

It also features a vertical stave that has been designed to enhance the durability of the shuffleboard table. There are also features that we liked about this table. Let’s consider them.

The Playcraft Shuffleboard Table has a length of 14 feet. The length is sufficient to play with your friends, although you will require a medium-sized room to place it.

You should also ensure you have enough clearance to move around the table or watch others play. As a one-piece table, it can be rather tricky moving it around. However, this feature improves its durability and makes it last longer than most shuffleboard tables in its price range.

The design of the tables features an elegant, classic look that will enhance the décor of the room. It comes with an espresso finish that looks quite stunning. We also loved the bronze mixed with a brass finish that the leg levelers come in.

These design features reminded us of the high-quality shuffleboard tables found in pubs. There is storage space in some of the legs of the table so you can easily store accessories like the pucks in the table.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, it has leg levelers. Therefore, if for some reason you find yourself playing on uneven ground, you can adjust the levelers to compensate for the unevenness.

The scoring system is the 1-2-3-4 system. As a tournament-style shuffleboard table, it will provide loads of fun for all the players. Click here to see the best price.

  • Comes with necessary accessories
  • Built to last
  • 1-year warranty
  • Instructions for assembly are complicated

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3. Fairview Game Rooms 12′ Shuffleboard Table – Excellent Customer Support

Fairview Game Rooms 12' Shuffleboard Table

The classic design of the Fairview 12′ Shuffleboard Table instantly catches the eye. However, there is more to this shuffleboard table than meets the eye.

It comes at a relatively high price and delivers excellent value for money. The features of the shuffleboard table make it an impressive specimen, and well worth the hefty price.

The shuffleboard table features a chestnut color which ensures it stands out and enhances the look of the space it is placed. Other models feature a mahogany wood color.

The finish on the shuffleboard table is quite durable and ensures a great game. It comes with a polyethylene finish so the table looks super-smooth.

Furthermore, the finish enhances the overall durability of the table. During our testing, despite heavy use, we didn’t notice any physical defects in the table. The tabletop rests on three sets of legs. The build of these legs befits the price it comes at.

The legs are sturdy and look impressive. Even when players rest on the table, the legs carry both the extra weight and the self-weight of the table. Additionally, the tables come with adjustable levelers that ensure that the playing surface remains level.

Therefore, if you are playing on unstable or uneven ground, the levelers provide that you have an even playing surface. One of the legs features a compartment for storing accessories like the pucks.

Talking about accessories, we were delighted that the Fairview comes with all you need to play. There are eight pucks and wax to smoothen your playing experience. Although the table and parts are rather heavy, the shuffleboard table is easy to put together. Click here to see the best price.

  • Sturdy design
  • Fairview provides free shipping
  • Leg levelers to ensure an even playing surface
  • Easy to assemble
  • The parts are heavy
  • Relatively expensive

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4. Challenger Shuffleboard Table – Best Professional Table

Challenger Shuffleboard Table

For folks who are experts shuffleboard players, the appearance of the Challenger Shuffleboard will come as no surprise.

They might even wonder why it hasn’t appeared sooner. And for a good reason! The Challenger Shuffleboard Table is one of the best shuffleboard tables you can lay your hands on.

It comes with unique features and specifications that make it an ideal shuffleboard table. The Challenger can be found in either 9 feet, 12 feet, or 14 feet of length.

Although each of these lengths comes with different playing dimensions, they all offer an immersive, fun experience for all players. Furthermore, all the models come with leg levelers that ensure that the playing surface remains stable regardless of the type of floor it is placed.

The design of the shuffleboard table is impressive and will catch the fancy of most that see it. The dark cherry finish is pleasant to see, and the finish on the playing surface denotes class and elegance.

If your desire is to acquire a professional level shuffleboard table, then you should get this table. The sheer durability and features, along with the tournament-styled size, makes it the ideal table. The surface is coated with polyurethane which provides a sleek, highly enjoyable playing surface. You can check out the Hathaway store to see other models.

The shuffleboard has in-built storage where you can keep your pucks, chalk, and other playing accessories. Click here to see the best price.

  • Comes with in-built storage
  • Durable construction
  • Tournament-styled shuffleboard table
  • Difficult to assemble

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5. Playcraft Georgetown Shuffleboard Table – Leg Cabinet Storage

Playcraft Georgetown Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft Georgetown Shuffleboard Table is the last, but not the least shuffleboard table on this list. It is made of high-quality materials that ensure that not only does it last for a long time, but you also have enjoyable, hitch-free playing experience.

Playcraft already has one shuffleboard table on this list, and the presence of a second indicates the high quality of the products from this manufacturer.

It is a high-end shuffleboard table that comes at a rather steep price. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that every penny spent counts with this table.

Unlike the earlier Playcraft table on this list, the Georgetown comes with a soft honey finish. It blends almost seamlessly into existing décor and can make the room look fabulous. With the eight pucks, abacus, and levelers on the board, you can start a game right away after assembling the table.

The climatic adjusters ensure that you can easily shape the playfield profile based on your preference. Click here to see the best price.

  • Comes with a storage capacity
  • Climate adjuster is an excellent addition
  • Beautiful design
  • Needs assembly before use

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How To Choose The Best Shuffleboard Table

Choosing the right shuffleboard can be easy if you know what you are looking for. While there are several types on the market, by considering the factors in this article, it is easier for you to choose the right kind of shuffleboard table.

Features to Consider


The size of the shuffleboard is arguably the most vital factor that determines the shuffleboard table you buy. Shuffleboards are manufactured in a variety of sizes. They range from between lengths of nine feet to up to 22 feet. Furthermore, some rarer versions come at 6 feet of length.

Although there are a wide variety of options to choose from, you cannot just waltz into a game store and buy any size that catches your fancy. The size of the shuffleboard table you buy will depend on the amount of space that you have in your home.

If you have an area of about 29 feet, it doesn’t mean your table should be that exact length. You have to take into consideration clearance space. Without this space, you cannot play a game of shuffleboard comfortably.

Many experts have recommended that when allocating space for your shuffleboard table, you should leave a clearance space of at least 2 feet on the four sides of the table. That way, folks can gather from all angles to watch, and the game will feel more comfortable.

Since players require movement during the game, this clearance space will be enough to avoid a cramped, uncomfortable match. While your primary consideration might be the overall length of the table, it is essential also to consider how wide the shuffleboard table is.

The puck requires adequate width to move to offer an enjoyable game. If the width is low, it will make your gameplay feel cramped. The recommended width for a shuffleboard table is at least 18″.

Anything less than this will make gameplay awkward and uncomfortable. Although you will find tables with widths less than 18″ cheaper, the gameplay they offer will be disappointing.

The Material the Shuffleboard Table is made from

Just as with dimensions, shuffleboard tables come in different materials. You should carefully consider the material of the table as it will affect the durability and how much you enjoy playing a game of shuffleboard on it.

Pucks used in playing can be rather dense and so, if the material of the table is not high-quality, or if it isn’t durable, a dropped puck can damage it. Aside from the frustration of a damaged table, it will be expensive to fix it. Choosing a table built with high quality material will likely save you money in the long run.

Several materials have been discovered to provide a high level of durability. These materials include Russian Birch, White Maple, North American Maple Wood, and some other popular woods.

Whichever material you choose, you must ensure that the surface of the table is made of high-quality hardwood. Since hardwood is strong and sturdy, it is resistant to scratches dents, and other damages that can result from playing.

The materials mentioned above are usually found on expensive shuffleboard tables. If you are on a budget, an excellent alternative is soft maple wood that features an epoxy resin finish. While this might not deliver the same amount of durability or quality as more expensive options, it is decently resistant to damage.


Shuffleboard tables come with several types of finishes. Just as with the material the table is made of, the finish affects the durability and how much you enjoy playing shuffleboard.

Since shuffleboard is a game that involves sliding the pucks across the surface of the table top, which typically is covered with shuffleboard wax. The playing surface is prone to scratches, dents, and similar defects. If you are a newbie to the game, the chances of damaging the table are higher.

And when scratches, dents, and other defects accumulate on the table’s surface, it will affect your gameplay. Originally, lacquer and shellac finishes were used in shuffleboard table surfaces.

However, these types of finishes were not durable, and over time, gameplay becomes tedious and arduous. Today, you can still find tables with these finishes; however, you will need to replace the finish or table within three or four years.

Epoxy resin is currently the best finish for shuffleboard table. During manufacture, epoxy is poured over the surface of the table. Pouring the epoxy finish results in a cleaner, more durable finish. It prevents air bubbles from forming on the surface.

Epoxy finishing is not only durable, but it results in sweeter gameplay. The puck glides over the surface of the table without any hitches. Aside from the improved gameplay, this finish is durable and will ensure that you use the shuffleboard table for an extended period.

It is not uncommon to find shuffleboard tables that feature epoxy finishes with lifetime warranties. You cannot find these types of warranties on tables with lacquer or shellac finishes. No matter the type of material the table is made of, an epoxy finish will improve the playability and lifespan of the table.

The Thickness of The Playing Surface

The thickness of the shuffleboard table will affect the choice of the table you choose. The thickness of the table affects your gameplay and even the durability of the table. By having a sufficient thickness; you can easily refinish the board in the future.

When choosing a shuffleboard table on the market, you should target tables that have a depth of around 3″. While you lookout for a table with 3″ of thickness, ensure you determine if the entire thickness of wood itself is 3″, or if that value is the overall thickness when the finish is included.

Some shuffleboard tables come with a thick finish without the adequate thickness of the wood. When you check the packaging of the table, except when otherwise indicated, the value of the thickness you see includes the thickness of the sealants and finishes.

To make the right choice, ask the dealer or the manufacturer to get the actual value of the woods’ depth. However, most modern shuffleboard tables come with the real value of the woods’ thickness.

Weight and Structure of The Outer Cabinet

Some folks have the erroneous notion that the outer cabinet of the shuffleboard table is merely for beauty and aesthetics. However, this part plays a vital role in the durability of the table.

The external cabinet is the part of the table that keeps the table together; hence, if it is not well-constructed or durable, it will affect the lifespan of the table. The material the outer cabinet is made of is a vital factor that affects the durability.

The best external cabinets are made of solid hardwood. This material ensures the table remains stable even when under stress. The downside of this type of outer cabinet is the price. Due to the high quality of the material, it costs more than your average shuffleboard table.

Other materials used in making the outer cabinet include walnut wood, maple, and others. If you are on a budget, an MDF particleboard material is the best bet for you. The outer cabinet, aside from the material of construction, also comes with finishes. Choose a finish that will work for you.

Scoring System

Shuffleboard tables have different scoring systems. Therefore, you should choose the system you will feel more comfortable with. The scoring system can either be the 3-level system or the triangular grid.

Also referred to as the 1 2 3 system of scoring, the 3-level system is the most common system found on tables on the market. The triangular grid scoring system is not as common, but that doesn’t make it any less competitive or exciting. As said earlier, the choice you make depends on the system that you prefer.


Shuffleboard tables do not usually come cheap. Most of them are relatively expensive. Some cost over $5000 and are made of the highest quality. However, even if you are on a tight budget, you can still acquire shuffleboard tables that cost lower but always offer an excellent gaming experience.


How can a shuffleboard table be maintained?

To maintain and keep your table in tip top shape avoid placing it in direct sunlight, keep it clean and covered. Also, check with the maker of your table for recommended wood treatment products you can use on the playing surface


A shuffleboard table offers loads of fun but choosing the right one can be hard. Use this review and guide to select the best shuffleboard table for you!

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