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How to Pick the Best Shuffleboard Wax (2021)

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Are you thinking of adding a game table to your recreation room? Then we would highly recommend shuffleboard. This game is an exciting game for the entire family or group. One of the most important things you need to keep on hand if you bring home this game is shuffleboard wax.

Shuffleboard wax controls how quickly your puck glides over the table and wears off over time. There are several types of shuffleboard wax on the market today, so it’s essential to choose one based on your experience and the puck travel speed you desire.

In this post, we will not highlight any products or brands; rather, we will give you a definitive guide that will show you how to pick the best shuffleboard wax. We will discuss important information about shuffleboard wax, and at the end of the post, you will be better equipped to choose the best option on the market.

Shuffleboard Wax

What is Shuffleboard Wax?

In our opinion, which we believe many other holds, the name “shuffleboard wax” is somewhat misleading. Thinking of wax, you might suppose that this substance comes in a waxy form and is spread on the shuffleboard table like a finish.

Instead of being a substance used in waxing the table, shuffleboard wax is more like powder than liquid. It is also referred to as shuffleboard sand, shuffleboard salt, shuffleboard sawdust, or shuffleboard powder. All these names refer to shuffleboard wax.

It is an essential ‘tool’ in controlling how the playing surface affects the puck that slides across it. Shuffleboard wax is created from fried silicone beads. These beads are very small and completely round. Aside from pure silicone, you will also find some shuffleboard wax made from a combination of silicone and corn-starch.

What is Shuffleboard Wax Used for?

In simple terms, the primary use of shuffleboard wax is to reduce the level of friction on the shuffleboard table. Friction affects the speed of the pucks, as well as the smoothness of gameplay.

The lower the friction, the better the gameplay. By spreading shuffleboard cheese( another name for shuffleboard wax) on the table, the pucks can slide unhindered on the table.

As we noted earlier, this product is from perfectly round silicone beads, so when you spread it on a shuffleboard table, these beads act like ball bearings. They transport the pucks from one point to another with ease on the table.

Once again, it should be noted that this agent isn’t a liquid but rather a powder-like substance. By offering these ‘balls of silicone’ on the table, the shuffleboard sand lowers the coefficient of friction and increases the speed and smoothness of the pucks travel.

It is important to have this substance since the whole game of shuffleboard is dependent on the movement of the pucks. The game requires players to push their pucks past certain lines on the board and to hit some impressive hangers.

Therefore, smoothness and speed is an essential element of the game. By applying shuffleboard wax, players have a greater degree of control over how quickly the pucks glide on the table.

Alternatives to shuffleboard sawdust include regular cleaning and polishing. However, while these might decrease the friction on the board, it isn’t usually enough. Hence, to drastically improve gameplay, you need to have the shuffleboard wax.

Applying shuffleboard wax on the table is quite easy. However, we recommend that you sprinkle the powder on the board instead of dousing it. If you douse the table with wax, you will be wasting the powder since you will need to remove some powder from the table into the alleys.  

Factors to Consider when Choosing A Shuffleboard Wax

In choosing your shuffleboard wax, there are several factors that you must consider. In this section, we will consider these factors and how they affect your choice.


On the market, the speed of a shuffleboard wax is rated using numbers. A rating of 1 is the fastest, while 7 is the slowest rating.

Length of the Table

The size or length of the shuffleboard table is an essential factor that affects the type of wax that you buy. Shuffleboard tables come in a wide range of sizes. Some have a length of 9 feet, while others are up to 23 feet. You can also find some rare versions that have a length of around 6 feet.

Faster waxes are excellent if you have a long table. Since these waxes will reduce the coefficient of friction drastically, they allow the puck to travel faster and farther than slower waxes.

If you are using a slower wax, you will observe that the resistance or the friction will increase as it glides across the table. So, if you are playing on a long table, you need a greater amount of force to let the puck move from point to point across the board.

If you are using a shorter table though, we recommend that you use a slower wax. Why? Well, if you use a faster wax, you’d have to pick up pucks from the ground as you would have them flying off the board.

However, with a slower wax, you will observe that the frictional force will reduce the occurrence of the pucks from flying off the table. Moreover, having a faster wax on a small table will require that you take your time gauging the force and distance of your shot, thus impacting your gameplay.

So, a rule of thumb is that faster waxes for longer tables and slower waxes for shorter tables.

Level of Skill

Another important factor is the skill level of those playing on the shuffleboard table. If you choose the wrong type of wax for the table, it will negatively affect the playing experience. While all players are expected to know the basic playing rules, choosing the best wax will make the game more fun and far more enjoyable.

If the folks playing the game do not have plenty of experience playing, we highly recommend a wax that will assist them as they learn the ropes. In this regard, we recommend slow waxes. New players are not adept at gauging the amount of force required in making a shot.

Inexperienced players tend to use more force than is required. If you do not fancy picking up pucks from the ground often, then using a slower wax will reduce the force of the pucks.

Experienced players, on the other hand, will feel more comfortable playing on tables with faster waxes. It should be noted though, that experienced players can play on any type of surface and regardless of faster or slower waxes.

Professional matches on a 22 feet table involve using faster waxes. Hence, if you are looking to improve your game, you should learn how to play with faster waxes.  

Is Shuffleboard Sand Dangerous?

Since this substance is made from silicone, it isn’t inherently dangerous. However, considering that some manufacturers mix theirs with corn starch, nuts, or other substances, they can be toxic if you react to such substances. Before you make a purchase, we recommend that you read the package to see if it contains any substances that you are allergic to.

Is Shuffleboard Wax reusable?

For convenience or economy, some players wonder if they can reuse shuffleboard wax. Well, you can reuse it. However, you should note that it will not deliver the same level of frictional resistance as a freshly applied coating of wax. Why? Well, since the wax is actually made of small balls of silicon, they can become crushed and jagged, which will affect how smoothly the pucks slide over the table.


What is the difference between Shuffleboard Wax and Sand?

Shuffleboard wax and sand in context to a shuffleboard game are the same. Shuffleboard wax is also called shuffleboard sand, shuffleboard cheese, shuffleboard salt, shuffleboard sawdust, or shuffleboard powder.

What is Shuffleboard Wax made of?

Most of the shuffleboard waxes on the market are made from perfectly round beads of silicone. These dry beads come in a powder form and act to reduce the friction on the shuffleboard table.
By applying it to the table, the pucks can move quicker and smoother. To provide users with different speeds, some of these products are mixed with different materials like corn starch.

Can you clean Shuffleboard Wax?

As weird as that sounds, it is indeed possible to clean wax. Once you remove it from the table, you can use a sieve and bucket to clean it. Pour it into the sieve and shake it to eliminate any dirt.

How can I remove Shuffleboard Cheese from a Shuffleboard Table?

You can easily remove shuffleboard cheese with a shuffleboard brush.


Choosing the right shuffleboard wax for your table involves considering the speed of the wax, the length of the table, and the skill of the players. We hope that the in-depth information, as well as the FAQ section, will assist you in choosing the best shuffleboard wax.

Best Selling Shuffleboard Wax

Bestseller No. 1
3 Pack of Sun-Glo #1 Speed Super-Glide Shuffleboard Powder Wax
  • 3 Pack of 16oz cans of Speed 1 Formerly Super Glide (The fastest)
  • The most Super Fast powder around! Pure silicone ball bearings.
Bestseller No. 2
Shuffleboard Wax - Shuffleboard Sand 2 Pack with Mini Brush and Dustpan Set (2 x 14oz)
  • Shuffleboard wax include 2 packs, 14oz per can.
  • Shuffleboard sand great work for 9’ 12’ 14’ 16’ shuffleboard tables or small shuffleboard tables.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Sun-Glo Speed 3 (Brown Bear Wax) Shuffleboard Table Powder, 16 oz. Can
  • Sun-Glo #3 Wax Powder - One 16 oz. can.
  • This powder gives you speed and control as well as a faster game (but not the fastest).
Bestseller No. 4
TRIPLE CROWN Yellow Ice III Shuffleboard Wax (Yellow Ice III 3-Pack)
  • Triple Crown Yellow Ice III is considered a fairly fast wax for 9 to 12 foot shuffleboard tables and is considered fast for 14 to 22 foot shuffleboard tables
  • To many users Yellow Ice III is considered as the "standard"
Bestseller No. 5
Sun-Glo Speed 6 (Medium Speed Wax) Shuffleboard Table Powder, 16 oz. Can
  • You will receive one (1) 16 oz. can of Sun-Glo #6 Medium Speed Shuffleboard Powder Wax
  • This powder is best on smaller tables - a perfect partner to 9- to 12-foot tables. Provides a slower game for a 14-foot table.

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