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Types of Pool Tables: 4 Most common

I told my neighbor I was shopping for a pool table and when he asked me what type of pool table, I was at a loss. He quickly informed me that this is an area where people typically get confused and it’s important not only to know the difference between them but also which one will work best for me.

Pool tables come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. There are also different types of pool tables that have unique benefits. Slate top pool tables are the most common type, followed by wooden, metallic, and acrylic respectively. There are also 8-foot American, 7-foot British, and 9-foot Canadian tables.

Pool is a competitive sport that you can play seriously or for fun. There are different types of pool tables built for different games and skill levels. When you’re shopping for a pool table, you need to be educated about the types to ensure get the best available product for your money and this article provides a ton of helpful information to get you started on your pool table purchase.

Picture of a pool table to illustrate the types of pool tables available.

Types of Pool Tables

The following are the most common types of pool tables available in the market around the globe.

Slate Pool Tables

Slate is one of the best materials used in the designing of efficient pool tables. Slate pool tables are highly acclaimed by professional players around the globe for their efficiency in allowing the balls to flow swiftly within a short time.

Slate is a material created from clay or volcanic ash that is sculpted easily to the perfect shape of a pool table. The tables are relatively expensive because the building material is quite rare and expensive to acquire, but you are assured of quality and durability

Wooden Pool Tables

Pool tables that are made of wood are the second most used pool tables in different parts of the universe. The table can be easily built and designed with the availability of proper wood and woodworking tools.

Wooden pool tables are also relatively durable because they are made of hardwood for sturdy support and durability. Unfortunately, the table can be relatively heavy, limiting the options of mobility. Most pool tables for children are made using hardwood.

Metallic Pool Tables

Most parts of the metallic pool table are made of metal, especially the frame and legs, while the tabletop is made of smooth cloth. Metallic parts of the table are made of steel or aluminum for durability and perfect games.

Aluminum is also effective in creating the pool table because the material is light and portable. The metallic parts can easily bend or break if hit by a hard object. It would be best if you exercised caution and proper care to make the table last long.

Acrylic Pool Tables

Rubber and plastics are widely used in the creation of gaming equipment. Rubber is smooth and allows balls to bounce and increase durability when in contact with balls during the game.

The tables are highly efficient because they are convertible and highly portable for indoor and outdoor games. The acrylic pool tables are highly suitable for kids, leisure games, or training. You can also convert the table into a hockey table for the kids.

Factors to consider when choosing a pool table

A picture of a pool table

While purchasing your first or subsequent pool table, you should consider the factors highlighted below.

The Players

You should purchase a table that suits the expected audience. For the kids, you can buy a standard pool table or acrylic pool tables. For a professional experience or commercial premises, you should go for the large pool table or bar pool table.

Size of the Room

Pool tables are available in different sizes to suit your experience and size of the room. It would be best if you considered the possibility of expanding the size of your playing area. The table should fit perfectly in the room while allowing you enough space to shoot comfortably.

Your fashion tastes and preferences

Tables are available in different colors, designs, and patterns to meet the demands of the diverse market. You can get a contemporary or traditional pool table. You can also get conversion tables to serve multiple uses as dining or hockey tables.

Design of the table

Pool tables are made of different materials like hardwood, metal, slate, rubber, or plastic. It would be best if you considered building features like the legs, the holes or drop pockets, portability, eco-friendliness, auto-return capability, Quality of cloth, and color.

How to care for your Pool Table

The pool table is an important piece that also accentuates the décor, beauty, and value of your home. It would be best if you took care of it as follows.

Use the Chalk Sparingly

The chalk is important in helping you to make accurate shots. However, too much chalk might have some deposits remaining on the cloth. Regular brushing affects the quality of cloth hence the need to replace it sooner or later.

Keep Table Away from Direct Sunlight

Pool tables can be used for outdoor or indoor fun. To keep the table safe and in shape for several years, you should play more indoors. If you decide to play outdoors, you should put up a shade to protect the table and players.

Move the Table Cautiously

The pool tables are relatively huge and bulky. It is quite a challenge moving the table from one location to the next single-handedly. Whenever possible, you should seek the help of colleagues that are nearby to move the table.

Keep the Cloth and Balls Clean

You should always keep the table and balls all clean before the game. Develop a culture of cleaning the balls after each game while cleaning cue balls after each game. Clean the cloth appropriately using the vacuum cleaner and keep the frames polished. You should also exercise regular maintenance of the pool table to prolong its life

Advantages of having a Pool Table

An image of a person playing a billiard game.

Purchasing the pool table can be quite expensive. However, you stand to benefit from the move in the following ways.

You Can Improve Your Skills

Having a pool table at home allows you the chance to play as long as you want. You have the independence of exploring new shots to polish your skills. With time, you shall have the confidence to challenge skilled friends and relatives for a game.

Allows you to Create a Tighter Circle

The pool table will enable you to spend more time with friends and family. Lovers of the game are always ready to play or watch you play from the sidelines. You can make conversations and release the stress of the day as one tight family. If you have a pool table, you shall be free of boredom as you might be hosting friends regularly.

Regular Gaming Has Health Benefits

Playing pool requires the coordination of your body organs and senses. You are also required to make nonstop movements around the table to make the shots. The game helps you to improve your concentration and aiming skills. You also burn fat in your movement.

Disadvantages of having a Pool Table

High costs of Maintenance

The table requires regular cleaning to increase its efficiency and long life. You shall also need to make a regular exchange of the table, balls, stick, Painting charges, or chalk.

Possible Addiction

Pool games are fun are highly interactive. Unfortunately, you can easily get addicted to the game. It is important to play cautiously at designated times or after the completion of all duties for the day.

What is the most common size pool table?

In the United States, the most common size pool table is eight feet.

What size pool table do the professionals play on?

Professional tournaments are played on pool tables nine-foot-long by four and a half feet wide. However, the World Pool-Billards Association provides measurements for two sizes:
9 foot – 100 (+ 1/8) x 50 (+ 1/8) inches (except cushions)/ [2.54 m (+
3.175 mm) x 1.27 m (+ 3.175 mm)]8 foot – 92 (+ 1/8) x 46 (+ 1/8) inches (except cushions)/ [2.3368 m (+
3.175 mm) x 1.1684 m (+ 3.175 mm)]

What is the difference between a billiards table and a pool table?

Billiard tables are much larger than standard pool tables. The minimum billiard table size is five feet wide by ten feet long. A standard American pool table is four feet wide by eight feet long.


Picking out a pool table can be an intimidating process. The reality is that there are many different types of tables, and this article has only scratched the surface on all of their varieties. If you’ve found one type of table to your liking but want more information before making up your mind, I suggest you contact its manufacturer with any question you have.

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