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Curling: The amazing history and how you can play at home.

If you’re looking for a new activity to try out at home, curling may be just the thing. People of all ages can enjoy this unique sport, and surprisingly it’s easy to learn, and you can play at home.

Curling is a fun game and one of the few sports all ages can play. Two teams slide stones down ice towards a target in a regulation game. You score points by getting closer to the center than your opponent. You can play on a slick floor or board to play at home.

Curling might look complicated, but it’s actually relatively easy. In this post, we’ll teach you the basics of how to play the game at home. With this easy guide, you’ll be able to set up your own game in no time and start enjoying this classic Canadian sport. So grab your friends and family and get ready to curl.

Picture of curling game stones

Introduction to Curling:

Sports teach valuable life lessons; winning, losing, hoping, trying, and doing your best. It’s a long list and a fruitful journey. And the best part is that the love of sports never gets old. It is not surprising how involved you can get.

You may have watched curling played in the Olympics and wanted to give it a try but can’t find any place to play. The standard is played indoors on ice and isn’t readily available.

This is where board games come in—an innovative way of experiencing the actual game without traveling to an ice rink. You can play the game at home as compact as on a tabletop. Let’s explore the Curling game and learn how to play it at home.

Curling History:

The origin of curling goes back to the 16th Century, and people played the game on frozen ponds in Scotland., it went official in 1838 after competitors drew up the first rules. The sport’s governing body known as The Grand Caledonian Curling Club accepted the rules. Hence, the ‘Rules in Curling” were adopted, and organizations recognized the game internationally.

Curling in the Olympics

The game has been a part of the Olympic Games since 1924. It was included as a demonstration sport in 1932 and 1988, and 1992. In the 1998 Nagano games, the Olympic committee had curling in the official program.

Curling Game Rules:

Curling Target

Curling is an international game and is played at the Olympics too. There are two teams, each with four players playing at one time. And the general idea is to score more points than the opponent. The ground for the game is a straight sheet of ice with a circular target at one end.

A team member slides down curling stones from one end towards the target, known as the house. The rest of the teammates sweep the path for the stone affecting its speed and direction.

The players begin by sliding two stones each. The first player tries to get the stone inside the house. The second player creates a barrier for the opponent team. The third player tries to smash the opposite team’s stones from the house. And the fourth or the skipper throws in the remaining stones to score further points.

The team with stones nearest to the center of the target, called the button, gets that many points. Once all eight stones are thrown, it marks one end. In total, ten ends are played, and then the points are added. For each new end, the house is changed.

Curling Equipment:

As simple as the game looks, it has some standard requirements needed to play. For starters, the venue is known as the Curling sheet. It’s a particular floor of fine ice pebbles.

Next are the shoes and the pants that each team wears. The pants are stretchable to allow bending and sliding while curling delivery. The shoes have Teflon soles to let the players slide over the icy sheet.

The brooms and brushes used to sweep the path of a curling stone are also part of the equipment. The Curling brushes are made of artificial fibers and their handles of fiberglass. The handles are 48 inches long and 1 inch in diameter.

The hollow handles make them super light, enabling the sweepers to sweep faster. They can apply more downward force to the brush’s/broom’s head. This broom is called the Swivel Handle Broom and is most commonly used. Another type is known as the “Push Broom’ is one of the favorites.

Gloves and mittens are great for a good grip.

Curling Stone:

The Curling stones are the prime objects of the game. The dimension of each Curling stone is 6inches in height and 11 inches in diameter. These 44lbs of granite give a smooth texture. It’s concave at the bottom, so only the edges contact the ice. That edge the running band. This is responsible for the curling and the speed of the stone.

The concavity reduces friction between the stone and the ice with less surface area. Sweeping of the path in front of the stone facilitates its sliding by melting the surface ice and creating a water film. The stone smoothly glides over the lubricated track to reach the point. The round body can also help the players change the direction of the stone by the player.

If you are a real fan of curling, why not try getting one for yourself to play at home. Check out the reviews of these Curling board games and feel the excitement of the game yourself.

Best Curling Games to Play At Home:

The HiCamer Table Top Curling Board Game is a super exciting addition to family fun. An exciting yet challenging game for kids and adults alike. It’s like a miniature version of the actual game.

The one thing we all miss in this digital era is family time. Board games are great stimulators for family bonding. Strategy, skills, fun, and learning come together on a good board game.

The set includes eight tabletop curling balls, one storage bag, one curling board, and two magnetic stripes. And all can be in a compact box when not playing. This game is similar to playing shuffleboard except with a curling target.

The board is out of PP material which ensures smooth sliding. The board can roll up and store away, easing storage issues. There are eight stones, four red and orange each. Each stone has a ball bearing that applies the weight and helps it slide. The weight keeps the stones from toppling over, and the ball bearing makes the curling slide smooth. The magnetic strips prevent the stones from falling off the board.

Besides being entertaining, it also acts as a learning tool. Your kids would develop good hand-eye coordination while sliding. The adults can also polish their aiming skills and control. As it is a game of patience, coordination, and balance, it’s worth trying.

Best Tabletop Curling Games:

This is a small game for kids to play. It’s easy to pack with you on vacation and is entertaining enough to keep children off their phones and computers. HNCTek presents a Tabletop Curling Game for the entire family to enjoy.

It is one of the most entertaining and skillful games that both kids and adults can play. The game includes a board, blue and orange stones, and a carry bag.

It measures 14.3 x 2.9 x 2.6 inches when packed, and the total size of the board, when laid out, is 47 inches. Therefore, you can quickly spread and assemble it on a table or the floor.

The four blue and four orange stones have ball bearings that act as weights and help slide. The smooth board too aids in the slithering movement and lets you enjoy it. It allows you to learn to balance, aim, and apply different pressures. Indeed, a very recreational and family sport worth getting one.

picture of a person playing a curling game.

To Sum Up:

As much as board games are suitable for early learning, they entertain too. Every age group within a family can enjoy spending leisurely time for hours. These games are great for developing the senses in kids as EPL – Early Practices of Life.

In comparison, adults who want the actual curling game can appreciate this simulation once in a while. The ease of carrying it to any place makes it great for the outdoors. It can also be a unique and special gift for any occasion.

Besides being enjoyable, there are many benefits of playing board games. Bonding with the family, being patient, and strategic thinking are just a few perks.