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Best Pool Tables – Top 5 Rated For 2022

I loved playing pool as a kid. We had this old table in our shed where we played with neighbors and cousins after school. Our sessions were fun and we learned a lot about playing pool. Today you can find deals on pool tables but choosing one to fit your needs is challenging.

In general, the best pool tables are regulation size and have responsive bumpers. Ensure that the top is made of slate and covered with quality material, so the balls travel smoothly. A table must be sturdy in part because player put their weight on the tables during play.

Instead of spending money at the local pub playing pool, why don’t you get a pool table? You will be able to play from the comfort of your home and even invite your friends over!

Picture of a white pool table

We realize it can be tough choosing the right pool table because there are so many options on the market. However, by following this review and the accompanying buying guide, you can select the best pool table that will meet your needs.

Here are the five best pool tables you can buy right now.

Best Pool Table

1. Barrington Springdale Claw Leg Billiard Table Set – Top Choice

Barrington Springdale Claw Leg Billiard Table

Barrington Billiards is known for the high quality of its pool tables. They are well-constructed, built to last, and designed to make your game better.

The Barrington Springdale Claw Leg Billiard Table Set is another product from this manufacturer that is sure to serve you well. It features dark cherry wood construction.

The pockets of the table are durable leather nets. If you seek a pool table that will add elegance to your room and improve the décor, you can rest assured that this table will serve you well.

It brings a level of sophistication and luxury to your playing environment. The handsome claw feet make it look magnificent and luxurious.

In time, this gorgeous table is likely to become the focal point of your room. The design is vibrant, and there is no way anyone will confuse this table with an amateur pool table.

The set contains the table, a pair of cue sticks, a triangle rack, 15 numbered pool balls, and a cue ball. Therefore, you do not have to spend an extra penny on any other accessories once you buy this set.

Playing on this pool table is a great experience. The 6-pocket slate is covered with the best material to make your balls zip across the board without losing speed. The thick wool ensures the pool balls roll perfectly and improve your playing experience.

Your friends will always want to come over for a game of pool because the table delivers excellent gameplay. It features bumpers guards that provide an enjoyable ounce whenever they are in use.

Retrieving the balls after playing is very easy. Furthermore, setting up the table is a breeze. All the parts are pre-assembled and can be put together in a couple of hours. Whether you are a professional pool player or an amateur, you will enjoy using this pool table. Click here to see the best price.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Looks more expensive than it costs
  • Easy to level and assemble
  • Durable construction
  • Felt on the tabletop scuffs easily
  • Difficult to flip over after assembly

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2. Harvil Beachcomber Indoor Pool Table – Best For Casual Playing

Harvil Beachcomber Indoor Pool Table

When choosing a pool table for you, one of the vital factors to consider is the overall build and design of the table. The design is a fair indicator of how much you will likely enjoy using the pool table.

Well, the Harvil Beachcomber Indoor Pool Table features a lovely design. The pool table is designed to evoke a relaxed and classic atmosphere.

It is easy on the eyes, and unlike some other tables, it fits almost seamlessly with existing décor. It is a durable table that will last for a long time.

The dense fiber wood used to make it ensures that it retains its structure and classic appearance despite frequent use. The cloth over the table is made of Tetolon.

The performance obtained from the table is quite impressive. The Tetolon material on the surface eliminates drag on the pool balls, so the balls roll across the table smoothly and increase your accuracy. The balls roll super-quickly and smoothly.

The dense wood fibers are made to ensure that it is durable and will last for an extended period. The feet are stable, and leaning on the table will not cause the feet to bend or break. These legs made of dense wooden fibers hold up to 90% of the entire weight admirably.

When the ball hits the corners of the table, the ball spins away and enjoys a terrific bounce. The edges are silver plated and come with rubber bumpers.

Assembling the table is relatively easy. The package includes an instruction manual on how to quickly and correctly install the table. With this provision, you are saved from the stress of going through videos or searching for someone to help you put the table together.

The table comes with several accessories that ensure you don’t have to buy any other accessories. Click here to see the best price.

  • Great for casual playing
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not meant for heavy use

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3. MD Sports Billiard Table Set – Best for Newbies

MD Sports Billiard Table Set

MD Sports Billiard Table Set is the complete package. These pool tables look great and will look excellent wherever you decide to place them. The appearance is smooth and evokes sturdiness and durability.

Right out of the package, one of the first things you will notice is the contemporary style of the pool table. It comes in different color schemes. From the set, we tested the one with a red cover.

This red felt on the board makes it look unique from the generic black or green colors on most boards. It stands out and can improve the appearance of whatever space you decide to place it in.

The dimensions are excellent and can fit in standard rooms with ease. This size allows you to move around and play comfortably without worrying about hitting walls with your sticks.

The pool table is made of high-quality materials. Hence, you will use it repeatedly without seeing any signs of wear. The table blends MDF wood, PVC, and steel components to produce a genuinely excellent pool table.

It features a steel outline that ensures the pool table remains steady and level at all times. Furthermore, assembling the table is relatively easy. The instructions that come in the package are easy to read and follow.

Overall, it is a good home pool table and delivers decent performance. Click here to see the best price.

  • Nice pool table for beginners
  • Relatively lightweight pool table
  • Solid construction
  • Requires up to three people to flip over after assembly
  • Zero ball return ability

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4. Imperial Outdoor Pool Table – Most Durable

Imperial Outdoor Pool Table

The Imperial Outdoor Pool Table is a quality outdoor pool table from Imperial. The company is famous for making quality pool tables for different settings and in various sizes.

The company has been in business for over eight decades. The Imperial Outdoor Pool Table continues the tradition of high-quality pool tables from this manufacturer.

If you have space outdoors and need a pool table, this pool table is a great choice. The dimensions come at a decent size that makes playing easy and enjoyable.

The appearance is quite impressive. It features a classic design that will make it elevate the presence of whichever space you place it in.

Regardless of your skill level, you will likely find it enjoyable playing on this pool table. With a polished silver finish, it is very convenient to clean, and maintenance is a breeze. All you need to do is periodically wipe the pool table down.

The 8-foot pool table is easy to assemble, as with all the top pool tables. You do not need a lot of skill or technical knowledge before you can assemble the table. It comes with the necessary instructions required to put all the parts together. Since it is an outdoor pool table, it is made with durable and waterproof materials. Click here to see the best price.

  • Water-resistant outdoor pool table
  • Beautiful design
  • Stable playing surface
  • Relatively expensive
  • Heavy build

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5. EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Pool Table – Easy to Assemble

EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Pool Table

The EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Pool Table is an impressive table that delivers decent performance and improves your playing experience.

The design isn’t distinctive from your standard pool table. It is simple yet elegant. So it shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb wherever you place it. It comes in burgundy, green, and tan colors.

These colors add class and sophistication to the overall design — the materials used to make the pool table ensure that it lasts for a relatively long time. The surface is resistant to scratch.

Once assembled, it is easy to move around the house or wherever you place it. Assembly itself is not rocket science. Just one person can assemble it; however, the more hands, the faster assembly will be.

It has an instruction manual in the package, which makes construction easier. It features k-66 rubber bumpers. These are the industry standard type of rubber bumpers. As a result, the balls bonce consistently when they hit the edges of the pool table.

One problem that is common with low-quality pool tables is warping and sagging. The EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Pool Table solves this problem by coming with support braces. Due to the braces, chances that the table will warp or sag are significantly reduced.

It comes with all you need to play a game of pool. Some of the accessories contained in the package include a pair of wooden cues, a triangle, a table brush, and a set of billiard balls. Click here to see the best price.

  • Durable construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Plastic legs reduce overall durability
  • Small size

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How to Choose the Best Pool Table

Choosing the right pool table requires quite a bit of research and time. It can be challenging when you opt to buy the pool table online. There are so many variations and differences that you might feel overwhelmed. In this section, we will consider the vital factors to consider when buying a pool table.

In choosing the right pool table, there are six features you should strongly consider. These features, when brought together, will ensure that you enjoy your pool table. They are:

  • Legs
  • Frame
  • Cloth
  • Cushions
  • Accessories
  • Slate

Let’s consider each of these features in more detail.


Just as your legs help you stand upright and carry your weight, the legs of a pool table carry their weight. The legs of the table carry up to 90% of the total weight. As if that isn’t heavy enough, when you lean on the board to play or take shots, it is the table’s legs that carry all that weight.

Therefore, the legs are significant and should be strongly considered when choosing the best home pool tables. Legs are divided into two types. These are post legs and two-piece legs.

Post Legs feature solid wood. The legs are made along with the slate and are not connected by bolts, nuts, or similar connectors. These legs deliver the most durability and will remain steady and balanced for a long time.

Two-piece Legs, as the name implies, are the joined legs. Unlike post legs, they are detachable from the slate. There are two ways of holding the legs to the cabinet. These are the single anchor system and the quad anchor system.

The single anchor system uses just a nut and bolt to hold the leg to the cabinet. This system is easy to fix; however, over time, it quickly loosens and affects gameplay.

As the name implies, the quad anchor system employs the use of four nut and bolt connections. This system grants the pool table far more stability and balance than the single anchor system.


The pool table is only as good as the frame. If the structure is poorly made or uneven, it will reflect on the slate and affect gameplay. Conversely, a correct frame will result in a great pool table.

A lousy frame can cause your slate to crack or sag, which is not desirable on a pool table. The best billiard tables have frames that have wood glued to the bottom. To add support and stability, these tables have cross beams.

The size of the slate will affect the type of frame. A small slate can have a low number of beams. A large slate, however, needs a more significant amount of cross beams.


The cloth, or as it is referred to in billiard circles, felt, is what covers the slate. The type and quality of the felt will affect the enjoyment you get from the game. Wool is usually the primary material in making felt. Wool material is divided into the worsted cloth and napped cloth.

Worsted cloth gives you a smooth, zippy feel. It is made of combed wool fibers which make the ball move faster.

Napped cloth is not as smooth as worsted cloth, and the ball moves slower and with less accuracy.

In choosing the cloth, you have to consider the durability it offers. The durability of your felt is mainly dependent on the frequency of play and the installation. A home pool table doesn’t see as much action as a commercial pool table. Therefore, the felt on a home pool table will last longer than that of an industrial pool table.

The installation quality and style will also affect how long the cloth will last. Another factor is the tightness of the fabric weave. If the weave is tight, it will last longer than a loose fabric weave.


The cushions of the pool table are the part of the table that is usually touched and used. There are different materials used in making cushions.

Natural gum is the best material to use in making cushions. The material guarantees an excellent and durable bounce. They also last longer than other types of materials.


A pool table by itself does not make a great game. The accessories and playing equipment elevate your playing experience. There is a variety of equipment and accessories; here are some of them:

  • Pool cues

These are the sticks used in hitting the balls around. They are made of different materials, but it is widely held that wooden pool cues are the best. They also come in various lengths and weights.

  • Balls

These are the main equipment for playing pool. The balls number up to 15 and come in different colors. Depending on the type of game, the billiard balls come in different sizes as well. They are made of plastic, resins, and similar materials.

  • Ball rack

The ball rack is a frame that holds the balls before the start of play. They also come in different shapes, and the balls are arranged in different ways depending on the type of game.

Picture of a pool table with a red surface.

Surface of the Pool Table

The surface of the pool table affects how much you enjoy your game. The cover is made of various types of materials. Let’s see these materials.


Slate is the flat sheet used for cue sports. While there are substitutes like plywood, honeycomb, fiberboard, and so on, none can beat the accuracy and smoothness of slate. It comes in different sizes and thicknesses, which affect the precision you get from it.

Aside from the pool table features themselves, there are still other factors that affect your choice of a pool table.


Wood might not be as good as slate, but it is more available and easier to manufacture. Hardwood is the best type of wood for pool tables.


A metal table might have a wooden surface, but the legs and rails are of metal. These tables provide excellent gameplay, but it isn’t very durable. If heavy objects fall on it, it can break and be rendered useless.


Rubber is the least durable of the materials used for surfaces. However, it gives a bounce that is unrivaled.

Purpose of the Pool table

The purpose of your pool table is an important consideration. As pointed out earlier, pool tables include so many styles and features. You can have cheap, tiny tables that are good for nothing serious, and then you might also find tables that look like those used in tournaments.

There is a wide range of pool tables, especially regarding the design and the quality of materials used. Therefore, if you aren’t buying a toy table for your kids or going all out and splashing thousands of dollars on an underused table, you need to find good middle ground.

Initially, buying a cheap pool table might seem a great idea, but most cheap pool tables cannot stand the test of time. A durable pool table might set you back some hundreds of dollars, but it will be worth it.

Choose the size and the right spot to put it

Pool tables are often large and heavy. Therefore, the room it is placed in should have enough space to fit the pool table and allow you to play with friends. Pool tables usually have their lengths twice their widths; therefore, ensure there is enough space.

A rule of thumb many table owners find helpful is to allow five feet of space on all sides. It will give you enough space to use your cue stick without damaging the walls.. Aside from the size of the room or spot where the pool table is placed, there are other benefits of considering the location.

Firstly, playing pool with a group of friends can be a loud activity. Hence, if you live with others, it might be considerate to put the table somewhere that playing won’t disturb others. Many people have opted to put it in the garage or basement.

If you are fortunate to have a game room, then it would be an ideal spot to place it. If the pool table has a unique or old-fashioned design, it can be a beautiful piece of furniture that can enhance the space’s décor.


The old saying, you get what you pay for, often applies to pool tables; the higher the price, the more features it has, and the higher the quality of the materials. So you need to have a budget and choose the best pool table in that price category.


The five best pool tables we reviewed above have great features and enhance your playing ability. It is up to you to choose which of them to buy. And if you don’t fancy any of the products, you can use the buyer’s guide to help you select other products.

Best Selling Pool Tables

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Below is a helpful YouTube video discussing the pool table sizes and which would be best for you.

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